Brief Introduction of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Located in northwest China and the upper reaches of the Yellow River., Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region covering an area of 66400 square kilometers, with a total population of 6.82 million. She is one of the 5 autonomous region in China ,also the first inland open economic pilot area and the second whole-area tourism demonstration area in china. The China-Arab States Expo held in Ningxia already becomes an important platform for China and Arab States to build “the Belt and the Road Initiatives” together. Nowadays, as a vital section of the Silk Road, Ningxia is a broad platform which converged diversified and essential factors, a promising land for investment, and a wonder land for business development. Welcome to Ningxia for investment, study and tourism

Purchasing Demands

The main purpose is learn about the latest international trade trends and information, seeking cooperation intentions in equipment manufacturing, textile and garment, energy and chemical industry, minerals, agriculture, food and other fields.

Trading Group Dynamics

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Local Economic and Trade Characteristics

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