CIIE Roadshow in Paris Comes to Fruition Release date:2018-02-09

To implement the consensuses reached between the heads of France and China on the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) during the visit of Emmanuel Macron, President of France, to China, CIIE Bureau and the Chinese Embassy in France organized a roadshow for the expo in Paris on January


22, 2018. The event was attended by up to 200 French businessmen and politicians from the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, Business France, the Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other departments and enterprises, as well as Mr. Guan Jian (Minister of the Embassy of China in France), Ms. Gao Yuanyuan (Counsellor from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in France) and representatives of Chinese enterprises and agencies in France.

In his speech, Mr. Guan said that China, as a developing country, decided to host an import expo for the purpose of offering the world new opportunities for expanding the export to China, as well as a platform where countries in the world could explore the possibility of trade and share business opportunities among them. By hosting CIIE, China hopes to keep enhancing and facilitating free trade and join hands with all the other countries to expand world trade. At the moment, China is the largest trading partner of France in Asia, while France is the fourth largest trading partner of China in the EU. During his visit to China in this January, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, made it clear that France would send a delegation of senior government officials and a large corporate delegation to CIIE as a show of support.

In his speech, Mr. Chen Wenxiong, member of the French National Assembly, Chairman of the Sino-French Friendship Group of the French National Assembly and member of President Macron’s delegation to China, sent a cordial invitation to all French enterprises to the first CIIE and expressed his conviction of the potential success that each participating enterprise would achieve. As he said, China has a huge market. With the powerful support of the Chinese government, CIIE is expected to be visited by more than 150,000 purchasers, which makes it a rare opportunity for the French enterprises intending to expand their export to China. He hoped that the enterprises could make the best of the platform and expand their business in the Chinese market.

Mr. Zhai Qian, Deputy Director General of Department of European Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce, PRC, gave a briefing on the general information and major features of the first CIIE. He said that, to make it a successful event, the Organizers would release a range of targeted measures, including invitation of purchasers based on the requirements of exhibitors, easy access to customs clearance, inspection and quarantine and enhanced IP protection.


Mr. Gao Zhiqiang, head of the Exhibition Solicitation Office at CIIE Bureau, briefed on the venues, services, preparations and other information about the expo and answered the questions on the expo raised by many French enterprises on site. The participating French enterprises showed great interest and many of them even signed up for the event on the spot. According to the preliminary estimate of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in France, over ten established French agencies and enterprises have confirmed their participation, including Dentons, Lesaffre and Ma France. They will occupy an exhibition area of over 2,300 ㎡. A number of Fortune 500 companies from France, including Air Liquide, L’Oréal and Danone, have also confirmed their participation. The Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry has confirmed the intent to send a group of enterprises to the expo. Airbus, LVMH, China-France Power Commission and other enterprises and organizations are still studying the matters regarding their possible participation.