Ghana Embraces CIIE Roadshow Release date:2018-02-09

On January 25, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana held a roadshow of China International Import Expo (CIIE). The event was attended and addressed by Carlos Ahenkorah (Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry of Ghana), Edward Boateng (Ghana’s Ambassador to China), Gifti Crenam (Director of Ghana Export Promotion Authority) and Chai Zhijing (Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana), as well as representatives of Ghana Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ghana Cocoa Board, etc. The event was also covered by up to ten mainstream media agencies, including Ghana News Agency, Daily Graphic and GTV.


Counsellor Chai firstly briefed on the general facts of CIIE. He emphasized that CIIE would be a major move of the Chinese government to support free trade and economic globalization unswervingly and open up its market to the world, as well as an open and international cooperation platform where all countries in the world may showcase their national development achievements and explore international trade possibilities. He also said that China-Ghana trade was still imbalanced to some extent, so he hoped that Ghanaian enterprises could make the best of CIIE as a platform for expanding to the Chinese market and enhancing their global expansion. In this way, these enterprises may tap into the Chinese market with 1.3 billion potential customers, expand their exports to China and furtherbalance the bilateral trade between the two countries.


Mr. Ahenkorah spoke highly of CIIE, a major move taken by China. He noted that Ghana should capitalize on the opportunities offered by the expo to promote its featured products and superior geographical location, explore the Chinese market, attract Chinese investors, improve the international competitiveness of its manufactured products and enhance the execution of the “One County, One Plant” strategy. He also encouraged Ghanaian enterprises to seize the opportunity, promote its cocoa and other featured products among Chinese consumers, explore their possibilities in the Chinese market and boost their exports.

Mr. Boateng indicated that China is an important trade partner and source of imports to Ghana. The Ghanaian government has put emphasis on the bilateral trade with China, a fast-growing economy and an expanding market. Enhancing the export of Ghanaian products to China will be of great significance to the optimization of the two countries’ trade structures and the sustainable development of Ghanaian economy. He believed that CIIE would be a critical platform for Ghana and Ghanaian products. With its help, Ghana will be able to export its premium products to China, and even across the world. He said that the Embassy of Ghana in China would work closely with the organizers in matters related to the expo.

Crenam emphasized the significance of CIIE to the Ghanaian government and enterprises and said that Ghana Export Promotion Authority would encourage Ghanaian exporters to take part in the event in the hope of further enhancing the economic and trade ties of the two countries. 

After the meeting, Counsellor Chai and Deputy Minister Ahenkorah answered questions from the media and were respectively interviewed to detail the booth rates of CIIE, the general information of NECC, the preferential policies accessible for Ghanaian enterprises and the progress of Ghana in its preparation for the expo.