Stefaan Vanhooren, Chairman of Flemish-China Chamber of Commerce, Wishes Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year Release date:2018-02-23

Global politicians and celebrities alike praise the China International Import Expo (CIIE). Stefaan Vanhooren, chairman of the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC), made the following remarks in an interview.


FCCC is a commercial platform, Vanhooren said. Twelve years ago, several leading Belgian companies came together in the hope of erecting a business platform enabling them to build a sound network to better do business with China. They set up the FCCC. The chamber seeks to help Flemish and other Belgian firms understand China and help Chinese companies learn from and understand Belgium’s businesses. The chamber has more than 200 members and over 12 partners. It organizes business conferences to feed reams of crucial information to many different teams. It also publishes newsletters, co-organizes Chinese economic delegations’ visits to Belgium and helps the country’s industry send deputations to China.


Known for good beer and chocolate, Belgians enjoy a good quality of life. The country is very active in industry and holds a big lead in the health care and information technology sectors. Belgians are renowned for being highly educated, open and tolerant and having a diversified cultural background. As a small country, Belgian folk know well how to adapt to the wider world.


Belgian firms greatly look forward to the CIIE. Belgium is strong in industry, automotive, machinery, heavy industry, software and consumer goods, and seeks corresponding opportunities for these wares. Chinese consumers are growing in number and their financial condition is improving. Belgian companies can showcase themselves to China at the CIIE and show what they can offer its buyers. China’s middle class is growing ever more affluent. Chinese consumers want to buy more, while Belgian firms wish to sell more. This offers a unique opportunity to bring the two together and help Belgian businesses present themselves to China.


Stefaan Vanhooren would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!