Promotion of China International Import Expo on the Fast Track Release date:2018-03-05

As the Chinese New Year ends, there is a surge of enthusiasm among enterprises for signing with China International Import Expo (CIIE) as its exhibitors. According to CIIE’s business statistics, as of now, thousands of enterprises from more than 120 countries (regions), including nearly a hundred Fortune 500 and industry-leading enterprises, have signed up for the expo. Among them, nearly 200 enterprises from over 50 countries and regions have signed contracts for a total exhibition area of 50,000 m2. And among the enterprises that have signed contracts, 35% are from Asia, 32% from Europe, 16% from the Americas, 11% from Oceania and 6% from Africa.

CIIE will be participated not only by a great number of enterprises from developed and developing countries, but also by many from the least developed countries. As of now, more than 140 enterprises from 22 least developed countries have signed up for the expo and will cover an exhibition area of nearly 5,000 m2.  Their exhibits will include garments, consumer goods, food and farm produce, health care products and other quality products that can best exhibit their national characteristics and their diversified local tourist resources and cultural features.

Exhibitors from each country are planning their exhibition programs and many of them look much forward to the forums, business partnership match-making sessions, industrial exchanges and new technology and product releases on varying levels. Some of them have applied for permanent brand advertisements and fixed premises for rental in National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), venue of CIIE, to promote their products and images throughout the year.

In addition to a rush of overseas enterprises, exhibition organizers in various countries and regions are also signing up for the expo and have booked a total exhibition area of up to 60,000 m2. 

At the moment, based on the information they have now, including exhibitors’ categories, characteristics, exhibition scale, etc., CIIE Bureau is pre-assigning the booths to the exhibitors of each area. Some of the Fortune 500, globally established and industry-leading enterprises that signed up for the event and signed their contracts early on will soon be able to set up their booths at the 2018 CIIE.