Major African Country Nigeria to Attend the 1st CIIE Release date:2018-03-06

Lying in the Gulf of Guinea, western Africa, Nigeria is the largest economy, the most populous country and the largest oil producer and exporter in Africa. It has long been playing a key role in China’s trade with Africa as China’s third largest trading partner and second largest export market on the continent. In 2014, the bilateral trade volume between the two countries reached US$ 18.1 billion, a record high in their history. In 2015, despite a slip owing to the oil price drop, the figure stayed above US$10 billion. In 2017, the amount grew to US$13.78 billion, including US$12.16 billion of export from China to Nigeria and US$ 1.62 billion of import from Nigeria. Thanks to the vigorous publicity campaign launched by the CIIE Bureau, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the Business Room of Chinese Consulate-general in Lagos, the first CIIE was well-received by the Nigerian government and public who showed great interest in participating in it. Currently, the Nigerian government has confirmed its participation in the Country Pavilion and appointed the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry as the organizer of exhibitors at the Enterprise & Business Exhibition.

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry has a cherished history, tremendous strength and corporate members all over the country and from all major industries and sectors. In the past two months, through a persistent and extensive CIIE publicity and promotion campaign on local mainstream media and online media, the chamber succeeded in making the event an appreciated event in the Nigerian business community and arousing their interest. As of now, more than 30 Nigerian enterprises have shown strong interest in the expo and plan to display some of their major products, including sesame, cassava, palm oil and other farm produce. Officials concerned at the chamber said that they were fully confident of the success of their exhibition and looking forward to the expo.