[CIIE Now · Dialogue with Executives] HHG creates personalized home furnishings for Chinese families Release date:2018-07-03

Editor's note:

The first China International Import Expo will kick off in Shanghai on Nov. 5. It is not just another expo in an ordinary sense, but a major policy initiative and commitment taken of our own accord to open up the Chinese market.

Reform and opening-up policies have pushed China to become a “world factory”, and “Made in China” has greatly benefited consumers around the world. The Chinese market has created a huge space for global economic development and provided a strong impetus for world economic growth.

This unusual expo has also attracted unusual exhibitors. As of now, the registration for the enterprise exhibition of the first CIIE has been completed with the results far beyond expectation. These companies will present the world’s cutting-edge innovative technologies and quality brand products to Chinese consumers. The program, CIIE Now · Dialogue with Executives, hopes to glimpse expo highlights through the conversations with executives from these exhibitors.

Today’s guest:

Jack Wang, Managing Director, Heritage Home Group Asia

HHG creates personalized home furnishings for Chinese families

Heritage Home Group is a North Carolina-based high-end home furnishings group that owns Thomasville, a high-end home furniture brand. During its more than one hundred years of development, Thomasville has been a trend leader in the American and even the global furniture industry. It passes on the lifestyle of American home furnishings to the global community, and it constantly innovates its home furnishings designs.

In 2017, HHG set up a mutually beneficial cooperation with Red Star Macalline Group, a leading company in China's home furnishings industry, marking Thomasville’s official entry into China and further cultivate the Chinese market. It is committed to creating more comfortable and livable living spaces for Chinese families.

Q: The current market need for imported home furnishings has increased gradually in China. What will HHG bring to Chinese consumers at the CIIE?

A: Participating in the expo is of great significance for HHG to further cultivate the Chinese market. It is the first time that our famous furniture brand Thomasville will have walked on the stage of a grand expo as an import brand. We will hold several designer forums, display salons, and industry trend-focused events at the site. We hope to benefit from the CIIE to design, participate in and witness the re-upgrading of Chinese living styles.

Q: Chinese consumers face a diversified market when buying furniture. Compared with other furniture manufacturers, what are the unique hallmarks of HHG brands, and how will those be displayed at the CIIE?

A: I believe HHG can make great contributions to the future development trends of imported American style home furnishings in China. Our strategic cooperation with Red Star Macalline Group has enabled a century-old brand like Thomasville to accelerate its development in the Chinese market. Leveraging this national exhibition platform of the CIIE, HHG will let Chinese consumers see the pure modern American lifestyle in a comprehensive and multi-faceted way.

We also hope to promote another idea through participating in this expo: furniture is not only furniture, it is a personalized representation of a family's home living and an expression of a lifestyle. HHG offers consumers not only well-made and environmentally-friendly products, but also personalized designs and a perfect space layout that is created by home furnishings. I think this is our most important hallmark and competitive advantage.

Q: Facing the growing Chinese market, what expectations does HHG have for its future development?

A: Recent years have witnessed a continuous transition in terms of the Chinese people's demands for life quality, their consumption levels and consumption capacities. We think it is very appropriate to enter the Chinese market at this point. We also hope to cooperate with Chinese enterprises to bring our American style home furnishings, whose inspirations originate from over 106 years of development, into China, so that more Chinese consumers can experience a tasteful and high-quality lifestyle.