Eastday: Security work initiated for upcoming China International Import Expo Release date:2018-06-13

On June 7, 150 days before the opening of the China International Import Expo, Shanghai initiated a full-scale security operation along with the release of an overall city security scheme and 17 special projects.

According to the press conference held by the responsible team, the security work is going to concentrate on the immediate region surrounding the National Exhibition and Convention Center, located in Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District. The refurbishment of the exhibition center has been settled while the supporting infrastructure and landscape design are also underway.

In order to streamline the experience of participating entities and personnel, relevant governmental departments have drawn up a package plan. Quarantine and custom inspections will be fast tracked and the items on display will receive special care in transit. Direct routes will be opened for convenient and fast travel between the airport and exhibition center.

In terms of accommodation, the city’s tourism department has drawn on the housing resources throughout Shanghai and surveyed the hotels of different levels near the exhibition center. An initial reservation of 5,000 guestrooms has been agreed upon. Meanwhile, to promote Shanghai’s culture, relevant departments will hold a variety of business, tourism, culture and sport activities, including “‘Shanghai at night’ consumer demonstration area”, “colorful Shanghai” tourism recommendations and high quality cultural performances.

At the same time, the recruiting of volunteers is also underway. 5,000 volunteers will provide help and services throughout the exhibition and an additional 100 teams of volunteers will be deployed at important information stations in the entire city.

Most volunteers come from public institutions and universities and they are required to be proficient in English. In addition, a pool of adequate number of volunteers with expertise in minority languages will be recruited to meet the needs of a diverse group of participants. Qualified volunteers will go on to receive rolling training including special sessions about the customs of different ethnicities.