China Import Expo Exerts a Positive Impact on the Economic Growth of Myanmar and its Surrounding Countries Release date:2018-04-20

Thumbs up from the World’s Politicians and Celebrities for the China International Import Expo (CIIE). Yang Chuanyu, Honorary President of the Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Pan Jize, a well-known entrepreneur in Myanmar, accepted the following interview.

Yang says that the China International Import Expo manifests President Xi Jinping’s appeal to build a human community with a shared destiny, and it reflects specific moves for China’s further opening up to the world, all of which will bring about new opportunities for the rest of the world and its many peoples. Pan also thought that the announcement of the Chinese government to hold the Expo has far-reaching strategic significance in facilitating China’s economic transition and improvement, as well as further driving the globalization of trade, which will exert a positive impact on the economic growth of its surrounding countries, including Myanmar. “We hope Myanmar catches the lift in development at the first CIIE, so as to take full advantage of the huge market in China and further develop Myanmar’s economy,” says Yang.

Pan says Myanmar is a resource-oriented country with abundant natural resources. The CIIE will act as the best platform for Myanmar’s products entering the Chinese market. Jewelry, jade and jadeite from Myanmar are highly sought after by customers. In addition, Myanmar’s plentiful agricultural products, wood and marine products have great potential for investment and exploitation. The particular geographical position of Myanmar endows the economic relationship of Myanmar and China with natural advantages, for the two friendly countries are linked by mountains and rivers and connected through peoples and cultures, says Yang. Rich in natural resources, Myanmar has a lot to offer towards cooperation. “After deep exploration, we expect a positive role to be played in integrating regional resources, thus making a contribution to the economic development and cultural exchange of the two countries.” Pan says many countries including Myanmar will see improved economic exchange with China and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through the platform of the CIIE.