China Import Expo Becomes A Hot Issue in Cyprus Business Circles Release date:2018-04-20

Thumbs up from the World’s Politicians and Celebrities for China International Import Expo (CIIE). Marios Tsiakkis, Secretary-General of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Panicos Kaouris, President of the Cyprus-China Business Association, and Chris Marco, President of the Cyprus-China Economic and Cultural Council, made the following remarks in an interview.

Known as the Mediterranean Jewel and the eastern portal to the EU market, Cyprus, once a part of an ancient silk road, is also a part of the new Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative. Benefitting from its unique geographical position, Cyprus has played an important role in east-west trade, Panicos Kaouris says. As a member of the AIIB, Cyprus is able to act as a launching pad for China making investments in the EU, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Cyprus is going to exert certain influences on the B&R Initiative, and, with the help of its membership in the EU, a lot of things can be achieved, says Chris Marco.


Source: Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency

When talking about industry advantages in Cyprus, all of the three guests recommend the local-produced Halloumi. The dairy industry in Cyprus is highly competitive, Marios Tsiakkis says. The locally produced Halloumi performs well in global sales and has been vastly exported to America, Australia, the UK, etc. The domestically-made wine and zinnia were also repeatedly mentioned. “We have one of the best wines in Europe,” says Chris Marco.



Besides dairy and wine products, Marios Tsiakkis thinks Cyprus also excels in the export and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, for it has the ability to produce all kinds of medical products. Moreover, Cyprus exports cement products and a large number of plastics and recycling materials. As a service-dominated economy, Cyprus has done a great and successful job in providing professional services to international businesses. Tourism is also essential in Cyprus’ economy, offering many opportunities for Cyprus-China cooperation.


With astonishing and admirable achievements, China is a market with high potential for Cyprus’ exports. All three guests express their great expectations for the Chinese market. “We need proper strategies and new ideas to open up the Chinese market,” says Chris Marco. Panicos Kaouris sees the CIIE as a great chance and offers his best wishes to its success. He also hopes that through learning from China’s lead, other economies can propose and hold similar events. Chris Marco says the CIIE is a good opportunity for Cyprus’ enterprises to promote their products in China because no one has an interest in importing goods from Cyprus without promotion.

Source: Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Cyprus