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Mediterranean Village at CIIE Release date: 2018-11-10


All exhibitors from Corsica, France, will sigh when they step into the booth of the "Mediterranean Village" at the Import Expo: Wow! How is it here exactly the same as the Corsica Central Market?

Exactly alike, not only highly similar Mediterranean style and village experience, but also the products of the Central Market - Corsican residents' favorite olive oil, chestnut beer, pralines, specialty drinks... all are here. The only difference is that the products that are commonplace on the island come to China for the first time.

All-natural products from Corsica

In the Central Market of the "Mediterranean Village", many stalls are crowded with people eager to experience products. The foods here have never been heard before. For example, there is a drink called Hely, which is red in color and tastes a bit like raspberry juice. However, in the ingredients list, there is not only the local plant "immortal flower" but also pomegranate, blueberry, ginseng, weeds and other materials. In front of another stall, there is a row of meat paste sauce made from the hindquarter of the local pig, plus a variety of dried fruits.

All the directors at the Import Expo are "good-looking". A young man even recommended his own olive oil in broken Chinese. According to his introduction, this is the olive oil with very rich flavor and ranks top ten in the world. The origin of this olive oil is Corsica, and it has high viscosity without any dilution and is added with different ingredients such as truffles, vanilla and pepper and has special taste.

Lu Shaopeng, director of the organizer and the Liaison Office in Germany of the International Talent Exchange Association of Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, said that the entire "Mediterranean Village" booth brought a total of 16 local SMEs and more than 50 products from more than 30 companies. "These products all have a characteristic, pure natural food, and have never been to China before."

Some purchasers want to "buy out" generously

These all-natural foods from Corsica arrived in Shanghai on November 1 and have attracted the attention of many buyers only after one-day show at the Import Expo. "The effect of the exhibition is very good. On the opening day of November 5, several distributors said that they "hope to buy out" and buy all the products." Lu Shaopeng said. This was greatly unexpected for her.

At present, many exhibitors and merchants have already had some intent to connect." Lu Shaopeng said. Today, there will be several large domestic distributors to discuss Hely and chestnut beer and other products. Now what local companies need to consider is not the product sales but whether there is enough productivity to support China's huge consumer market.

The booth designer Lu Weilai told reporters that the design of the "Mediterranean Village" has restored the local village-style lifestyle. The cabins in the corners are designed according to the local toast and pizza baking shop. Here, the "central kitchen", in the next few days, in this "hometown of Napoleon", there will be occasional tasting activities every day, including ham, sausage, cheese, beer, etc., bringing more culinary experience to the merchants.