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DuPont to display its latest technologies and solutions at CIIE Release date: 2018-11-04

The American Fortune Global 500 company DuPont has gained popularity in China since it entered the Chinese market many years ago. DuPont also has its hopes set for the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), which will be held from November 5 to 10 this year.

Chen Zhidong, General Manager of DuPont China’s R&D Center, said at the “Pre-exhibition Matchmaking Meeting for Exhibitors & Buyers of the High-end Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Area of the 2018 CIIE” held on August 8 “We have set up a special work team to deal with CIIE-related issues, such as how to showcase DuPont’s latest technologies and solutions to the world at the exhibition.”

In addition, Chen Zhidong also mentioned, “The CIIE provides us with a good opportunity to deepen our friendships with long-standing customers and establish contacts with new customers. The exhibition is a platform for us to find better sales channels and partners, as well as seize a wider range of better opportunities for cooperation.”

Chen Zhidong revealed that some of DuPont’s new products will be on display at the exhibition site. “For example, intelligent mobility will be closely related to our future life, so DuPont will show some of its latest applications and products in the fields of lightweight automobiles, intelligent mobility and intelligent interconnection.” He also gave several examples of wearable intelligent devices, in fields such as athletics, where DuPont’s core technology will enable smart sportswear to detect an individual's physical information such as heartbeat and pulse, and connect with a smartphone app.


At the same time, during the CIIE, DuPont will present holistic ways to establish partnerships with global companies in key markets such as electronics, transportation, construction, health, food and occupational protective equipment, and to provide them with innovative solutions.

Chen Zhidong said, “DuPont has participated in many kinds of exhibitions, especially industry exhibitions, which are based on a certain industry or fieldsubject. But at the CIIE, DuPont will participate in the exhibition across the board. We have broken down the boundaries between each business unit and department and will present DuPont’s latest, comprehensive and holistic solutions at the CIIE.”