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Special illustration for CIIE (Ⅱ): Investment Promotion Release date: 2022-08-08    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau


Over the past five years, the annual China International Import Expo has promoted matchmaking between exhibitors and buyers, strengthened the confidence of foreign investors, stabilized the industrial chain and bolstered economic and social development. Apart from serving as an information exchange platform, the professional trade fair offers a concrete path to convert exhibits into commodities. At the national-level import-themed expo, an increasing number of exhibitors have become investors, supporting the landing of new projects and injecting vitality into the economic development of China.

Illustrator's info

The organizers of the China International Import Expo invited Li Min from China Daily, the designer of the snowflake torch platform used at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, to create eight exquisite illustrations focused on the themes "international procurement", "investment promotion", "people-to-people exchanges", "open cooperation", "connecting China's market with the world", "integrated international industrial development", "innovation promotion", and "aligning economic and trade regulations" to mark the fifth anniversary of the CIIE. Starting from the 100-day countdown to the 2022 edition, an illustration and report will be launched every 10 days for readers. Through illustration, we hope to create a more vivid, three-dimensional communication carrier, so that you can experience the charm of the CIIE!