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Six years on: CIIE a practice of nation's high-level opening-up in new era Release date: 2023-05-17    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

The China International Import Expo, which was first announced by President Xi Jinping at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in May 2017, has successfully held five editions since 2018.

The spillover effects of the CIIE alongside the positive results brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative have promoted global development with a Chinese approach to modernization.

The CIIE is "an important decision made by China to pursue a new round of high-level opening-up, and is China's major initiative to still widen market access to the rest of the world", Xi said when delivering a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the inaugural CIIE in 2018.

Though facing the challenges of a global economic slowdown, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and a rising tide of anti-globalization sentiment, the CIIE has been committed to the principle of opening-up and playing its role in facilitating international procurement, promoting investment, enhancing cultural exchanges, and expanding opening-up and cooperation to propel integration between Chinese and global markets, industries, innovations and rules.

Over the past five expos, companies from 171 countries and regions, including 44 of the world's least developed countries, showcased over 2,000 new products, technologies and services at the business exhibition, and secured tentative deals worth nearly $350 billion.

Meanwhile, 131 countries and international organizations have participated in the country exhibition to promote global opening-up and cooperation.

The Hongqiao International Economic Forum, which is a major part of the CIIE, has been focusing on opening-up and has provided Chinese solutions to improving global governance.

The sixth CIIE will be held as scheduled in November, and preparatory work is progressing steadily and smoothly. As of now, the contracted business exhibition area has exceeded 260,000 square meters. The offline country exhibition of the expo will return this year and more countries are expected to attend.

The Hongqiao International Economic Forum is actively planning and designing its theme and topics, while preparations for the supporting and cultural exchange activities are in full swing.

Looking forward, the CIIE will continue to promote China's high-quality development and high-level opening-up through its open approach, thus contributing to a more open and prosperous global economy.

By Zhao Guangmei