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Nokia enjoys full-year services provided by CIIE: executive Release date: 2019-11-05    Source:Xinhua

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) provides full-year services for participants, a senior executive with Nokia Shanghai Bell, Nokia Networks' exclusive operating platform in China, has said.

"Among all the expos we have ever met, the China International Import Expo has the best service," said Maggie-Tao Ma, the company's executive vice president, noting that the organizational work of the CIIE has run throughout the year, not just contacting the companies before the opening.

Ma made the comments in a telephone interview with Xinhua ahead of the second CIIE running from Tuesday to Sunday in Shanghai, which will see more than 3,000 companies from around 150 countries.

Over the past year, the CIIE organizers have actively kept in touch with the Finnish telecom giant, trying to get a thorough knowledge of the company, including its target markets and potential customers.

"The expo receives many major Chinese enterprises, and they (organizers) will help us contact them," said Ma.

"It is such a large-scale event with so many Chinese and international exhibitors attending, but there are always enough personnel who can serve each of them, which is rare for any other platform in the world," she added.

During the first edition of the CIIE last year, Nokia signed framework agreements with the three major Chinese operators -- China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, with a total value exceeding 2 billion euro (2.23 billion U.S. dollars), Ma said.

There were many successes at the first expo. A delegation from south China's Guangxi Province, for example, was impressed by a landslide alarming system displayed at Nokia's booth and placed an order.

The system has successfully predicted a major debris flow and enabled fast reaction since it was put into operation in the province, Ma said.

In 2018, Nokia was one of the first companies to register as an exhibitor at the inaugural CIIE, and before the event was concluded, the company already signed a contract to book a nearly double-sized booth for this year.

Expanding its exhibition area to 420 square meters from 270, Nokia is well prepared this year to show more products and new solutions, as well as to get more interaction with customers.

The main presentation at Nokia's booth will be a holographic projection of a music band's live performance, and the transmission of the signals will be supported by live 5G networks.

Visitors will see the vivid virtual image of the band inside a 50-square-meter shaded room and interact with the performers, while the real performers may be geographically far away, just like the scenes from 'Ghost,' an American fantasy movie produced in 1990, said Ma.

"There is not any delay. This requires a perfect combination of large wireless communication bandwidth and fixed network bandwidth. The existing 4G is not enough to support this kind of data transmission," she explained, adding that Nokia cooperates with the three major Chinese telecom operators to secure 5G coverage at the CIIE venue.

The company hopes to best utilize the platform of the CIIE to demonstrate the scenarios of 5G commercial use in China, she said.

Entering the new era featured by 5G and Industry 4.0, when digitization drives the global industrial transformation, China, with its complete industrial categories and active innovative atmosphere, is expected to rapidly realize 5G commercialization, generate new industrial chains and establish new business models, Ma said.

Since last year, Nokia has achieved high double-digit growth in its global industrial market, and the trend is particularly evident in China, according to Ma.