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China issues guideline for high-quality trade development Release date: 2019-11-29    Source:Xinhua

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council on Thursday jointly issued a directive calling for high-quality trade development.

By 2022, China aims to have an optimized trade structure and a notable improvement on trade efficiency, and set up an evaluation system for high-quality trade development, according to the guideline document.

The guideline has stressed the need to speed up the development of modern services, especially production-related services, while modern services should be deeply integrated with the advanced manufacturing industry.

China will gradually advance from processing and manufacturing to researching and designing, marketing services and branding management, so as to generat more added value through exports.

The guideline has also urged coordinating the development of trade and the environment, with strict control over the export of high-polluting and high energy-consumption products.