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Events to promote cultural exchanges and preservation in import expo Release date: 2020-05-20    Source:CHINA DAILY

As a global cultural exchange platform, the annual China International Import Expo showcases diversified cultural landscapes through national exhibitions and intangible cultural heritage demonstrations and performances.

Exhibitions for countries and regions, international organizations, intangible cultural heritages and performances will be held again during the third CIIE, which is scheduled to run from Nov. 5 to 10.

The programs will allow the annual event to realize its "buy from the globe and sell to the globe" vision, while also demonstrating global intangible cultural heritages and China's time-honored brands, according to the event organizers.

Communication is one of the major forces in promoting cultural development and boosting the prosperity of nations.

Not only is the CIIE designed to trade goods and services, it is also a platform for culture and the exchange of ideas.

During the second CIIE, a total of 64 national pavilions were built to demonstrate countries' respective traditional cultures, regional features and advantageous industries.

In the second edition of the CIIE, an exhibition and display program for intangible cultural heritages and China's time-honored brands was introduced for the first time to international visitors.

Organizers of the CIIE said that they hosted nearly 100 cultural performances by nations and Chinese provinces and 170-plus interactive sessions of intangible cultural heritages and Chinese time-honored brands during the second import expo.