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Activities held bringing consumers closer to third import expo Release date: 2020-06-24    Source:China Daily

A slew of activities and events appealing to consumers have been organized by the China International Import Expo Bureau, one of the CIIE's organizers, to further spark the passion for consumption and spur the economy.

One of them is a shopping carnival featuring top-quality imported goods, which was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) over weekends from June 6 to 7 and June 13 to 14.

The weekend bazaar drew the participation of more than 50 CIIE exhibitors from over 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Australia and Japan, attracting the attention of consumers.

According to the CIIE Bureau, the exhibitors, who have been signed up the 2020 CIIE, plan to set up booths in the Food and Agricultural Products, Medical Equipment and Healthcare Products and Consumer Goods exhibition areas during the third CIIE. Their star products were presented at the bazaar, with consumers enjoying the goods at attractive prices.

Unlike traditional formal business meetings, such a bustling bazaar allowed exhibitors to experience the Chinese consumers' passion more intuitively, organizers said.

"It is the first time for the imported goods of the CIIE to be exhibited and sold at a bazaar. We brought in two types of super A-level rice produced in Hokkaido," said Tang Lei, deputy director of sales at Forestlee Corp (East China), a Japanese company that has registered for the CIIE for three consecutive years.

He said such a bazaar is a platform to promote direct exchanges between exhibitors and Chinese consumers, allowing exhibitors to feel the vitality of the Chinese consumer market and improve confidence.

"Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, there are still so many people who came to the bazaar, which is far beyond my expectation," said a man surnamed Li on June 6.

"The CIIE provides a platform to display imported goods. However, it's not quite practical for ordinary people to participate. It's good for local residents to learn more about high-quality imported goods in such convenient way," he said.

At the weekend bazaar, the CIIE Bureau organized activities including a gourmet festival and music performances. There was also a convention and exhibition center tour that presented highlights of the past editions of the CIIE.

The onsite activities at the carnival were also livestreamed on video apps such as Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok.

The CIIE Bureau also launched an online photo exhibition that showcased the memorable moments of the first and second CIIE, using three dimensional and virtual reality technologies.

Another highlight at the event was the Zigong lantern show, a national intangible cultural craft heritage that originated in the city of Zigong in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. The lantern show presented CIIE elements in a range of themes.

This lantern show is part of the cooperation plans among the CIIE Bureau, the National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) and the Zigong government.

"I know the Zigong lantern fair, but haven't had a chance to see it myself. I never thought that I can enjoy the charm of such traditional Chinese culture in Shanghai," said a woman in her 60s, who took a lot of photos.

The CIIE has been playing an active role in promoting intangible cultural heritage from China and around the world. Nearly 100 cultural performances by nations and Chinese provinces, and more than 170 interactive sessions of intangible cultural heritage and Chinese time-honored brands were hosted during the second CIIE.