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CIIE remains a magnet to global exhibitors Release date: 2020-09-16    Source:China Daily

Entrepreneurs praise expo for continuing as planned in wake of novel coronavirus outbreak, offering new business opportunities.

Set for Nov 5-10, the third China International Import Expo is less than 50 days away. The CIIE Bureau has made great progress in its preparation and organization of exhibitions.

According to the bureau, this year's event will provide support for the nation's "dual circulation" development pattern, in which the domestic and external demands will complement each other and offer vast opportunities for businesses around the world.

The planned business exhibition space for the third CIIE will cover 360,000 square meters, which is 20 percent larger than last year's planned exhibition area.

Business exhibitions will be divided into six areas displaying food and agricultural products, automobiles, intelligent industry and information technology, consumer goods, medical equipment and healthcare products, as well as trade in services.

Four special subsections dedicated to public health, anti-epidemic products and services, smart transportation, energy conservation and sporting goods will be set up during the event.

The following description by section with facts, numbers and quotes from exhibitors will help you learn more about what the six exhibition areas are offering this year. It will also highlight key aspects of the show as well as important exhibitors.

Trade in services

The total exhibition area for trade in services at the third CIIE is 30,000 sq m. More than 250 companies will participate in the exhibition. More than 50 of those businesses are Fortune 500 and industry leading companies.

The exhibition area consists of five sections of services covering financial, logistics, consulting, inspection and testing, and cultural tourism industries.

Exhibitions will include more than 100 trade and logistics enterprises spread out among 10,000 sq m. The exhibition area for financial service companies will be 3,000 sqm and that for consulting, inspection and testing service companies will be 4,200 sqm.


Intelligent industry and information technology

Over 300 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions will display their products and technologies in this section. More than 15,000 sq m of exhibition space has been booked by Fortune 500 companies and over 22,000 sq m of exhibition space has been booked by leading industry players.

The intelligent industry and information technology exhibition area will be divided into three parts—high-end manufacturing, solutions and technology, and environmental protection.

The industries involved in the exhibition area include numerical control machine tools, industrial parts, industrial machinery and finished products, automation, digital information, integrated electronics, semiconductor chips, ventilation and air conditioning, water purification and energy.

A host of world-leading industrial electric companies, the top six players in the global printing industry and notable enterprises in the field of engineering machinery will show their latest technologies and products at the event.

The exhibition area also features a special subsection dedicated to energy conservation and environmental protection. Technologies and products will be presented through a digital and interactive exhibition area with green and low-carbon scenarios.


Consumer Goods

The exhibition area covers more than 90,000 sq m. Nearly 900 exhibitors and over 2,000 brands from 80 countries and regions will participate. Exhibition areas booked by the world's Fortune 500 and leading companies will cover more than 25,000 sq m.

The exhibition will feature eight sections—household appliances and intelligent life, furniture and household goods, customization and fashion trends, gem and jade, sporting goods and games, beauty and personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning, and maternal and child products.

The household appliances and intelligent life section will showcase more than 200 brands covering an area of nearly 15,000 sq m.

The special section of sporting goods and games, which is designed for the first time this year, will cover more than 5,000 sq m.

The beauty, personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning sections will feature more than 400 brands and span some 30,000 sq m.

Featuring kids stationery, household goods, toys, skin care products and accessories, the maternal and child products section will cover nearly 3,000 sq m.

The furniture and household goods section will display more than 100 brands and account for 10,000 sq m.

The customization and fashion trends section will feature more than 100 brands and exhibit across 15,000 sq m.

The gem and jade section will display more than 300 brands across 15,000 sq m.


Food and agricultural products

The exhibition area for food and agricultural products will be about 90,000 sq m. About 1,000 enterprises from nearly 100 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition. Exhibitors in this area include businesses from more than 40 countries and regions, and more than 20 Fortune Global 500 and industry-leading companies as well as nearly 1,000 companies from the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The exhibition area is divided into six sections that encompass dairy products, fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, meat, aquatic products, frozen food, snack food, sweets, condiments, beverages, alcohol and general food.

Six of the top eight dairy companies in the world will participate in the expo.

In the beverage and alcohol section, exhibits from famous liquor brands, craft red wine companies, and top-grade special beer organizations as well as other various beverages will be on display.

In the meat and aquatic products section, various kinds of healthy products will also be shown.

In the snack food section, exhibitors will display various kinds of high-quality products with flavor of the origin country.

In the comprehensive food zone, exhibitors will show a series of food technologies, such as a food traceability system.



With a planned exhibition space of 30,000 sq m, the automobile exhibition area will display the latest automotive products and services including vehicles, parts and components, electronics, supporting products and maintenance supplies, and new energy products and technologies as well as smart transportation-related products and technologies.

More than 90 percent of the planned automobile exhibition space will be occupied by Fortune 500 companies and leading industry players. Almost all of the world's top automakers, parts suppliers and relevant service providers will be present at this year's CIIE.

This year, the automobile exhibition area will introduce a brand-new subsection dedicated to smart transportation with a planned exhibition area of 3,000 sq m. The subsection is set to reflect the new trend in the automotive industry, featuring smart, internet-connected, low carbon and sharing and changes brought to urban life by smart transportation.

A wide range of new products and cutting-edge technologies will make their debut at CIIE.


Medical equipment and healthcare products

The total exhibition area for medical equipment and healthcare products at the third CIIE will exceed 70,000 sq m. More than 350 companies will participate, including more than 70 Fortune 500 and industry-leading companies.

The exhibition area consists of five sections: medical devices, nutrition and dietary supplements, old-age rehabilitation and healthcare, public health, and anti-epidemic products and services.

In a section for medicines, the exhibition area will be 23,000 sq m. Exhibitors include the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

For medical devices, the exhibition area will cover 20,000 sq m. Exhibitors include the global top 10 medical device companies.

The nutrition and dietary supplements section will cover an area of more than 15,000 sq m.

In the old-age rehabilitation and healthcare section, companies will display their products, with more than 3,400 sq m of exhibition area.

The sections of public health and anti-epidemic products and services will be among the four newly added special subsections this year. The exhibition area will be more than 10,000 sq m. The companies will display products and services that have played vital roles in fighting COVID-19.