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CIIE consumer goods exhibition to unveil sports section this year Release date: 2020-10-21    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

The third China International Import Expo will be injecting more vitality into its consumer goods exhibition this year by setting up a new section showcasing sporting goods.

The special section will occupy 7,300 square meters and feature many first-time exhibitors, including industry heavyweights like Nike, Asics and the NBA.

"Sports have become an important part of the lives of the Chinese, especially during the pandemic, and we have seen more people picking up various sports," said Wang Tingting, vice president of Decathlon China. "This is going to be a very big market."

The French sporting goods retailer said that it will display its products for 80 different sports and outdoor activities, including a quick inflatable kayak, an easy deployable camping tent and a full-face snorkel mask.

Lin Siying, senior event marketing director of Nike China, said the company's booth will focus on promoting public sports, sustainability and charitable work.

"During the expo, we will organize a 'Move to Zero' workshop, and invite artists to use recycled materials to make art," Lin said.

The booming esports industry will also have a presence at the expo. Activities include a challenge organized by the Formula One Esports Series. Meanwhile, the Asian Electronic Sports Federation and the Duo Sport Group will host a roundtable discussion on the development of professional esports and the introduction of esports at the Olympic Games.

Chen Wenxuan, the person in charge of the consumer goods exhibition at the CIIE Bureau, said that the final exhibition area currently measures 90,000 square meters, "far exceeding our original plan".

Apart from the new section, the consumer goods exhibition will showcase a wide variety of imported goods including cosmetics and skincare, home appliances, gifts, maternal and infant products, fashion and art.

Eight hundred companies have signed up as exhibitors, including 30 Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders.

By Xing Yi