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Market | Toys for seniors: a market set to boom in China Release date: 2021-02-22    Source:Legal Daily, China Development Research Foundation

An increasing demand for toys among the elderly in China has come to the market's attention as an increasing proportion of the country's population grows older.

There were around 180 million people aged over 65 years old in China in 2020, accounting for nearly 13 percent of the country's total population, according to a report published by the China Development Research Foundation.

China is thus facing a global issue of satisfying the special needs of the elderly, said Li Jing, a teacher at the School of Law of China University of Labor Relations, noting that these individuals would require spiritual fulfillment especially after retirement.

Toys are effective in helping seniors maintain physical health, fight memory decline, and even make new friends, Li added.

The expanding demand for toys has also been spurred by the rapid development of internet and various smart products, said Tan Rihui, researcher at Beijing Academy of Social Sciences. The elderly, particularly those with deep pockets, desire modern ways to have fun.

But there are currently only few kinds of toys for seniors, most of which are out of fashion, available in the domestic market. According to a professor at Sichuan University's Law School, Zhu Wei, the market for toys catered to the elderly has become mature in some European and American countries, accounting for more than 40 percent of the overall toy market.