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CIIE Stories | CIIE helps expand BIE's China presence Release date: 2021-04-26    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Editor's note: It has been three years since the first edition of the China International Import Expo. This series of stories highlights the achievements and changes that participating enterprises have experienced because of the annual expo.

After attending China International Import Expo, Beer Itzhak Energy, an Israel-based family business, decided to establish a presence in Shanghai. It is now expected to stretch its presence to more areas within the country.

The century-old enterprise's business covers a wide range of sectors, including energy, infrastructure and sci-tech innovation. At the second CIIE in 2019, BIE brought the high-tech water generator Watergen, which drew wide attention from the industry and the media.

Watergen, a subsidiary of BIE, extracts water from the air using sophisticated technology, offering people living in areas with limited water resources a solution to clean drinking water.

During its CIIE debut, BIE attracted more than 300 interested clients and agents to negotiate and cooperate, according to the company.

BIE later used the second CIIE as its launch pad for showcasing more products in China. The company will continue to expand its presence in the country soon, it said.

In January 2020, Watergen signed an agreement with Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Administration Bureau to begin the industrial and commercial registration process.

Its Shanghai office, Binyi (Shanghai) Industrial Co Ltd, was registered and established in the Lujiazui area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone in August 2020.

BIE also plans to bring its production and management capacity to China. To localize its water production, BIE established a joint-venture in Nanxun, Huzhou of East China's Zhejiang province with another multinational water company in September 2020.

At the third CIIE in 2020, in addition to its water generator, BIE also displayed the urban vertical farm project Vertical Field and the nanomaterials project NanoSono that is capable of bacterial and viral infection prevention.

The two projects gained wide attention at the expo, making BIE even more confident of its future in China. The reception convinced the company to participate in the next three editions of the annual expo.

BIE founder Mikhael Mirilashvili said his goal is to provide clean water and healthy food for everyone in the world. The CIIE, he added, has helped him to achieve this.

Through the CIIE, BIE's business contacts have expanded to more than 600 potential clients and agents in over 80 countries and regions.

BIE is also a member of the low-carbon energy and environmental technology special committee established by the enterprise alliance of the 2021 CIIE earlier this year.

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By Wang Hongyi

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