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Survey shows Japanese interest in Chinese market abounds Release date: 2022-01-07

Attracted by a huge Chinese market, about 70 percent of Japanese companies plan to continue their businesses in China, according to a poll released by Japan's Sankei News.

The questionnaire conducted by Sankei surveyed 118 Japanese companies between late November and the middle of December.

It found five companies plan to more actively do business in China, and 78 companies or 66.1 percent said they will continue their businesses in China as usual, accounting for 70.3 percent of the total.

Results from the survey found no company plans to quit the Chinese market, and only one plans to downsize its business gradually.

China's huge market is a main attraction, Sankei News said, adding most Japanese companies are willing to expand their Chinese presence.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between China and Japan. Additionally, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, the world's largest trade deal, entered into force on Jan 1.

As two member states of RCEP, economic partnership between China and Japan is expected to strengthen each year, the newspaper added.