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Shanghai preparing for 4th CIIE despite COVID-19 pandemic Release date: 2021-10-29    Source:Global Times

Shanghai is preparing for the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE), which is scheduled to be held from November 5 to 10. Nearly 3,000 enterprises from 127 countries and regions will participate in the event despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the authorities on Thursday.

A total of 58 countries and regions and three international organizations will attend the country exhibitions, which will be held online this year, Sun Chenghai, deputy director-general of the CIIE Bureau, said during a press conference on Thursday.

The number of countries and enterprises participating are both more than last year. Over 80 percent of the world's top 500 companies and industrial leaders that attended the previous expos will be present at this year's event, and the overall number will exceed that of last year, according to the authorities.

Among the countries attending the country exhibitions, it will be the first time for Congo, Kiribati, Mauritius, Solomon Islands and Palestine, Sun said. The country exhibitions showcase China's efforts to open up, according to the CIIE Bureau.

The CIIE aims to provide a platform not only for developed countries, but also developing countries, countries along the "Belt and Road" and the least developed countries as well, Sun noted.

Along with the Hongqiao International Economic Forum, a high-level forum related to the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO will also be held, according to the CIIE Bureau. There will be 12 sub-forums related to green development and the digital economy and one international seminar.

Due to recent COVID-19 flare-ups, all the participants in the event are required to take COVID-19 vaccines and receive nucleic acid tests before entering the venue. All participants' information related to health status, nucleic acid testing results and vaccine status will be checked before entering the venue.

For imported cold-chain exhibits, a closed-loop mechanism will be conducted to ensure safety, and the exhibits will receive centralized disinfection and nucleic acid tests.

Notably, digital yuan can be used at the venue and 5G is expected to be accelerated to build a smart expo this year.