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Fifth CIIE's integrated circuit subsection sees new cooperation Release date: 2021-12-17    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

The China International Import Expo Bureau and the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association agreed to further their cooperation in a meeting held by the bureau on Dec 15.

That same day, Japanese multinational Nikon confirmed its participation in the integrated circuit subsection of the fifth CIIE in 2022.

Liu Fuxue, deputy director-general of the CIIE Bureau, said the IC industry is fundamental to the information technology sector and also an important part of the CIIE's Intelligent Industry and Information Technology exhibition area.

According to Liu, the IC subsection of the fourth CIIE, which was held from Nov 5-10 this year, spanned 7,000 square meters and attracted leading companies from across the industrial chain who clinched tentative deals worth 40 percent more than the third edition.

President of the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association Zhang Suxin said that the subsection has heightened companies' enthusiasm for the exhibition, with 26 enterprises from ten countries participating.

Fu Xiaoyu, managing director of the consultancy firm Apco Worldwide, analyzed the latest trend of domestic and international IC industry at the meeting.

By Zhao Luyang