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CIIE releases procurement plans for the first time Release date: 2022-04-18    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

The China International Import Expo Bureau released tentative procurement plans of several purchasers for the first time on April 18, which marked the 200-day countdown to the fifth CIIE.

The tentative procurement plans are part of the expo organizers' latest move to facilitate the matchmaking of exhibitors with purchasers. The efforts are expected to help exhibitors find business and cooperation opportunities in a more effective manner.

According to the plans, central government-owned enterprises, the National Health Commission, as well as trade missions from Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Gansu hope to purchase 194 kinds of products from the six exhibition areas of the expo.

For example, central government-owned enterprises are looking to purchase metal processing equipment from the intelligent industry and information technology exhibition area and auto parts from the automobile exhibition area, while the National Health Commission will be eyeing biochemical analysis systems, surgical instruments, radiotherapy and medical imaging equipment from the medical equipment and healthcare products exhibition area.

Trade missions from the above-mentioned regions are planning to procure foods such as milk powder, wine, meat products and sweets, as well as consumer goods like ceramic tableware, home appliances, skincare products and perfume.

The CIIE Bureau will continue to collate such procurement plans and publish them in the near future.

By Zhao Luyang