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L'Oreal China CFO: CIIE spawns huge benefits far beyond China's borders Release date: 2022-09-20    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

L'Oréal is honored to attend today's event as the chairman of the CIIE Enterprise Alliance on the 50-day countdown to the CIIE, and we are excited to meet you all offline for the first time this year.

This year is a very unusual one. Despite the uncertainty of the external environment, the CIIE will be held offline as planned. It is this kind of certainty that gives the world even more confidence in China's sure-footedness and determination to grow with its global partners. With this annual edition, the CIIE chalks up the 5th year of progress.

Looking over the past five years we can truly say the CIIE has spawned huge benefits far beyond China's borders, allowing companies to experience solid gains and enjoy tremendous progress. I believe this is why so many companies, like L'Oréal, are back at the CIIE once again and why more and more new partners have joined us as we begin this exciting countdown to the fifth CIIE.

Over the past five years we have seen countless exhibits at the CIIE going commercial and further growing into best sellers. With the support of the CIIE 6+365 days One-Stop Trading Services Platform, quality products from all over the world have made their way to the huge Chinese market, becoming part of Chinese consumers' daily lives.

We have also seen more and more exhibitors turning into investors who have brought local resources to the CIIE while they are also introduced to the local market. More and more companies have switched from being observers to being very active participants with greater investment and capacity, hoping to have a share of the development opportunities the Chinese market offers. Despite the pall that the pandemic has cast over the world in recent years, it has done nothing to curb the enthusiasm of us participants.

Over the past five years, too, we have seen innovative technologies opening up huge market and ecosystem, which have then been further managed to offer more innovation. We can truly say the CIIE is a platform more for innovation than for business where different innovative ideas come up against one other. Star exhibits at the CIIE have put customization, AI, green low-carbon solutions and other emerging trends under the spotlight and made them new focal points for inter-industry innovation. The governments have also accelerated the formulation and adoption of new policies that promote these innovations, with the support of dialogue platforms such as the Hongqiao International Economic Forum and committees of the CIIE Enterprise Alliance.

Some flowers and plants do not confine their blossoms to spring but are perennials, offering joy to the beholder all year round. The CIIE is that kind of flower. Last year the Enterprise Alliance Topology Action we launched received an overwhelming response. Members of the alliance engaged with many professionals – including industry associations, upstream and downstream companies, domestic and overseas partner businesses, high-end individual buyers, media, well-known livestreamers and opinion leaders – encouraging them to become part of the vibrant CIIE ecosystem. Today we announce the official kick-off of Enterprise Alliance Topology Action of the 5th CIIE. We hope the chairs and vice chairs of all the special committees will take the lead and serve as a model, and that all exhibitors will harness the power of the advantages and expertise at their disposal so that together we can make the fifth CIIE a bigger success. Before the CIIE opens we'll ensure that exhibitors who have made outstanding contributions are recognized, by awarding the Topology Action Star medal.

Dear exhibitor friends, let's enjoy the blossoming opportunities the CIIE offers while open up our networks and resources to CIIE, sharing a brighter future with China and the world.

Last but not the least, let me deeply wish the fifth CIIE a big success and wish all exhibitors a fruitful journey at the expo, with the fervent hope that everything runs smoothly for new exhibitors.

By Pietro Brambilla, chief financial officer of L'Oreal North Asia and China