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My CIIE Story • Prominent Platform | CIIE the Olympics for innovative products Release date: 2022-09-28    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Editor's Note: The fifth China International Import Expo is near. The "My CIIE Story" activity, which was launched on June 1, has drawn a great deal of attention and many people have shared their experiences related to the expo. A series of works themed on "grand strategy" and "big market" were published in July and August. In September, more stories with the theme "prominent platform", which showcase how the CIIE turns exhibits into commodities and exhibitors into investors, will be released.


The CIIE is like the Olympics for its innovative exhibits as all kinds of innovations from across the world are featured here. New products, technologies, and services can receive instant feedback at the expo and enter the Chinese market rapidly due to favorable policies.

The consumption upgrading in China has been accelerating it pace. Consumers have higher demands for cosmetics and want bespoke services. To capitalize on the trend, L'Oreal has showcased more than 10 cosmetic technologies during the past four editions of the CIIE, including a Lancome foundation at the inaugural expo and the L'Oreal Water Saver, a hair care technology, at the fourth CIIE.

I want to mention specifically a concept product we displayed at the third CIIE in 2020 – Perso. Powered by artificial intelligence, the at-home skincare and makeup device can create custom formulas based on the user's skin condition and preferences. Many trade missions, company representatives, and media showed great interest in the product and people kept asking us when it would be available on the market.

This feedback made us full of confidence about the commercialization prospects of Perso. Finally we showcased the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure, a lipstick printer powered by Perso, at the fourth CIIE in 2021. We launched a presale on e-commerce platforms that same day and the products sold out within a single day.

L'Oreal is currently preparing for the fifth expo in November. We will showcase the YSL Scent-Sation, a technology that leverages neuroscience to provide personalized fragrance advice, and Colorsonic, an at-home hair coloring device.

L'Oreal has been operating in China for 25 years and the Chinese market is an important growth engine for the company. We will continue to work with our partners to make more beauty technology innovations.

By Maxime de Boni


The author is the vice-president of research and innovation at L'Oreal North Asia and China. He joined the company's research and innovation center in Paris in 2002 and has played a leading role in many of L'Oreal's inventions.