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CEO of IQAir to attend 6th CIIE Release date: 2023-03-09    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Frank Hammes, chief executive officer of IQAir, a Swiss air quality technology company, has confirmed that he will attend the sixth China International Import Expo and related activities this November. 

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Frank Hammes, chief executive officer of IQAir. [Photo/CIIE Bureau]

The company has participated in the expo for three consecutive years, during which the company has debuted a number of new products.

The CIIE is a good platform for enterprises to showcase their brands, products, global visions, and innovative concepts, according to IQAir. The past expos have also helped the company expand its brand influence and find new business opportunities.

Hammes said that the previous expos demonstrate to the world China’s determination to share opportunities and promote opening up. 

The CIIE is also a platform that allows IQAir to understand and explore the Chinese market, which has been a popular destination for global investment as well as an important part of the company’s global strategy, according to Hammes.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, IQAir, which was founded 60 years ago, currently has a presence in more than 70 countries and regions.

By Zhao Guangmei