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2023 CIIE Stories campaign to focus on 5 themes Release date: 2023-05-23    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

The China International Import Expo, which has been held in November annually since 2018, has led to the creation of many colorful stories and memories.

To encourage expo participants to share their experiences, the 2023 CIIE Stories solicitation campaign recently kicked off and has received many submissions from around the globe.

This year's campaign will feature five themes.

The "Why CIIE" series will highlight the motives of exhibitors, organizations, trade missions, and purchasers for participating in the expo.

The "In China, for the world" series will showcase stories of exhibitors leveraging the CIIE to understand the Chinese market and improve their global industrial chain.

The "Celebrating 10th anniversary of BRI" series will focus on the results and achievements attained by countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative during their participation in the CIIE. 

The "Voices of exhibits" series will introduce the exhibits of the sixth CIIE. 

The "High-level dialogues" series will invite renowned figures such as chief executive officers, guests from the Hongqiao International Economic Forum, heads of international organizations, and foreign envoys to provide insights into the significance of the CIIE. 

Do be a part of this campaign and help us write a new chapter in the CIIE's legacy.

Collection method:

This solicitation is international, as we are actively engaged in pursuing clues to real stories related to the CIIE from around the globe. Please send an email titled "CIIE Stories clue" along with an MS Word file attachment. Include your name, cellphone number and employment title/position in the main body of the email. If we select your proposal we will contact you for an interview.

Languages for solicitation: Chinese, English and French

Email for submission:

Thank you for your participation!