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Booth layouts at 6th CIIE released Release date: 2023-09-01    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

The booth arrangements for the business exhibition at the sixth China International Import Expo, which will take place from Nov 5-10, are being gradually unveiled.

The first batch of booth layouts that has been released are for the food and agricultural products, automobile, and medical equipment and healthcare products exhibition areas.

The layouts for booths within the intelligent industry and information technology, consumer goods, and trade in services exhibition areas will be released soon.

The preparation for the sixth CIIE is progressing smoothly. More than 2,000 enterprises from over 100 countries and regions have signed up for this year's business exhibition, and the exhibition area they have booked is in excess of 360,000 square meters.

Professional visitors who wish to attend the sixth CIIE can submit their applications through this link (, or via the mobile app or WeChat mini program. To those who have participated in the previous editions, a special registration link allowing them to directly submit applications will be provided via email.

The exhibitor recruitment efforts for the seventh CIIE, which will take place in 2024, have also been launched. Those who wish to attend the seventh CIIE as exhibitors can click the link ( or contact for further assistance.







By Zhao Guangmei