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CIIE Story • Celebrating 10th Anniversary of BRI | Tanzanian businesses out in force at 6th CIIE Release date: 2023-11-16    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Tanzania has been a participant in all six editions of the China International Import Expo. It also had a presence at the expo's country exhibition during the second, fourth, and sixth editions.

However, in previous years, Tanzanian businesses primarily relied on intermediaries based in China to showcase their products at the CIIE. Only about half of the four free 9-square-meter booths offered by the CIIE to Tanzania were used.

At this year's sixth expo, the free booths were laden with products brought by three Tanzanian enterprises and an agent representing other six or seven Tanzanian companies.

The notable change this year is due to heightened promotions of the CIIE in Tanzania which have helped local businesses understand the expo's importance for Tanzanian products entering the Chinese market.

In May, the CIIE Bureau and the Chinese embassy in Tanzania jointly organized a dedicated promotional event in Tanzania targeting government representatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders of business associations. Over 160 local companies attended the event.

Tanzania's competitive products include cashews, soybeans, coffee, avocados, and aquatic products. Afri Tea & Coffee Blenders (1963) Ltd, a Tanzanian exporter of tea and coffee, has been eager to introduce Tanzanian goods to the vast Chinese market.

Alko Vintage, a Tanzanian red wine company, had previously entrusted its Chinese distributor to participate in the third CIIE, where it secured significant export orders to China.

For these enterprises, participating in the CIIE is not solely about securing orders but also about leveraging the expo's expansive platform to establish stable partnerships and build robust industry and supply chains.

Chu Kun, the economic and commercial counselor at the Chinese embassy in Tanzania, emphasized the importance of increasing Tanzania's national income through agricultural exports.

As a participant of the Belt and Road Initiative, Tanzania has witnessed significant transformations over the past decade following collaborative projects with China related to railways, bridges, ports, and water facilities.

The BRI has played a pivotal role in deepening cooperation between China and Tanzania, said Chu.

By Zhao Guangmei