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CIIE Story • High-level Dialogues | CIIE accelerates implementation of innovative medical treatments in China Release date: 2023-11-21    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Reporter: This year marks MSD's fifth time participating in the China International Import Expo. Why did the company decide to participate in this grand event?

Anna Van Acker, president of MSD in China and senior vice-president of MSD: The Chinese market is a vital part of MSD's global growth strategy and one of the most important markets in the world.

The CIIE provides an opportunity for global pharmaceutical companies to not only showcase their innovative strength and advanced concepts, but also accelerate the implementation of innovative medical treatments in China.

Participating in the CIIE for five consecutive years demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Chinese market. We are honored to witness an increasingly open and cooperative China.

Reporter: What is the most significant spillover effect that MSD has experienced at the CIIE?

Acker: Over the past five years, thanks to the ever-increasing effect of the CIIE and the innovative reform of China's drug review policy, 47 innovative drugs, vaccines and new indications from MSD have been approved in China, 17 products have been included in the national medical insurance catalog and about 60 animal health products involving livestock, poultry and pets have been registered in China.

The CIIE provides an important path for global innovative pharmaceutical products to enter China. Innovative drugs are being launched faster and faster, the time difference between clinical trials and approvals at home and abroad is getting smaller and smaller, and more and more disease treatment solutions are being implemented.

MSD has also strengthened its connections with partners in the Chinese medical system, helping each other to deepen understanding, strengthen interaction, and forge cooperative ties, thereby enhancing MSD's influence in the Chinese market.

Reporter: What products, technologies, or services did the company showcase at the sixth CIIE. What were the highlights?

Acker: We showcased MSD's innovative pharmaceuticals, vaccine products, and future pipeline, including cutting-edge innovative vaccines and drugs.

This year MSD participated in the expo for the first time as the chair of the medical devices special committee of the CIIE Enterprise Alliance. MSD carried out a number of activities to promote government-enterprise dialogue and cooperation.

Additionally, we hosted more than 10 forums focusing on accelerating the construction of the medical ecosystem and promoting collaborative projects that benefit a wide range of patients and the public during the expo.

Reporter: What are MSD's development plans in China?

Acker: There are huge unmet medical needs in China. We look forward to using the CIIE platform to formulate more research and development plans and save more lives.

Qin Jiao from contributed to this story.