[CIIE Now · Dialogue with Executives] Starrag’s advanced technologies help boost transformation and upgrade of China’s manufacturing industry Release date:2018-06-25

Editor's note:

The first China International Import Expo will kick off in Shanghai on Nov. 5. It is not just another expo in an ordinary sense, but a major policy initiative and commitment taken of our own accord to open up the Chinese market.

Reform and opening-up policies have pushed China to become a “world factory”, and “Made in China” has greatly benefited consumers around the world. The Chinese market has created a huge space for global economic development and provided a strong impetus for world economic growth.

This unusual expo has also attracted unusual exhibitors. As of now, the exhibitor invitation task has been basically completed with the results far beyond expectation. More than 160 Fortune 500 companies and frontrunners from various industries have signed their participation contracts.

These companies will present the world’s cutting-edge innovative technologies and quality brand products to Chinese consumers. The program, CIIE Now · Dialogue with Executives, hopes to glimpse expo highlights through the conversations with executives from these exhibitors.

Today’s guest:

Liu Xin, Managing Director, Starrag China

Starrag’s advanced technologies help boost transformation and upgrade of China’s manufacturing industry

Starrag Group, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, is a global technology leader in manufacturing high-precision machine tools for high-precision machining of metallic, composite, and ceramic materials, covering aerospace, energy, transportation and industrial sectors. It also provides automatic integrated technology and maintenance services.

Q: How does Starrag Group view and participate in the China International Import Expo?

A: Starrag has been dedicated to bringing the latest high-precision machine tools to China and help customers significantly enhance productivity. It’s our pleasure to meet more customers through this expo and let more learn about Starrag.

Q: What’s Starrag’s secret to maintaining the leading position in terms of product precision and technology?

A: Starrag started from monofunctional machine tools, and then gradually worked on multi-function machine tools. Through integrated functions and diversified services, we have been able to push forward technological innovation and optimize various programs and software to guarantee the stability in machine tools.

Starrag is more than just a machine tool supplier. It also supplies software, fixtures, and cutters. We hope to offer customers one-stop machine tool services.

Aviation, aerospace, navigation, engines and gas turbines are fields which can best show the strength of a high-end machine tool manufacturing company. As one of the core suppliers, Starrag offers Chinese customers from the aforementioned fields cutting-edge processing techniques, experience, as well as automated and digitalized schemes for production.

Q: As a bellwether of the industry, what role does Starrag foresee itself in the industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry?

A: The futures of the machine tool industry and industrial manufacturing sector will be more segmented. High-end manufacturing will play a bigger and bigger part in the transformation and upgrading of China’s industrial structure. High-end manufacturing not only produces high-end products, but its manufacturing methods, techniques, and experiences are vital, too.

As an industry leader, Starrag would very much like to take an active part in the industrial upgrading and optimization of machine tool manufacturing in China, and together with Chinese firms, Starrag will further help boost the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. Thanks to the China International Import Expo, a bridge between Chinese and foreign companies, Starrag hopes to find more partners.