China Int’l Import Expo to bring in high-quality overseas dairy products Release date:2018-05-26

With the rise of consumption upgrade, Chinese consumer needs are now characterized as quality-oriented rather than simply having adequate food and clothing. Milk products are indispensable in their daily diet.

Facing this opportunity, global milk enterprises are ambitious and eager to win their shares of Chinese market. Everything is ready except an eastern wind. Now, the China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a perfect platform for them.

Australian milk powder brand Golden Koala and Oceania Dairy from New Zealand signed contracts to participate in the CIIE as exhibitors in the Food & Agricultural Products area in a recent group signing ceremony.

Walter Munro, marketing manager of Golden Koala said that the first CIIE is a great opportunity for them to promote high-quality Australian milk products to Chinese consumers. The company will have an exhibition area of 200 square meters.

Roger Usmar, general manager of Oceania Dairy told us that Oceania Dairy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yili Group in New Zealand and it produces liquid milk and milk powder with high quality milk from New Zealand.

Its brands such as Perfectlands, Satine, Pro-kido and Pure-nutra, among others, have already entered the Chinese market and won good reputations.

Oceania Dairy will focus on promoting natural dairy products from Jersey cattle, a rare variety of cow. Its exhibition will cover an area of 225 square meters.

Foreign food enterprises that aim at entering Chinese markets have a large demand for booths in the Food & Agricultural Products exhibition area. The fact that milk product companies have “rushed” to sign contracts indicates how popular this exhibition area is. Denmark’s Arla Foods, Australia’s Bellamy’s, Yashili New Zealand Dairy and many other famous enterprises have already signed the participation contracts.

A spring for Chinese milk industry is coming as a result of consumption upgrade. Through the China Int’l Import Expo, foreign dairy products will come in and add vitality for the flourishing Chinese market as well as satisfy the people’s diversified consumption needs.