Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods Area: enjoy an interactive experience featuring the latest products Release date:2018-06-05

For everyday shoppers, consumer goods and apparel are the most familiar type of imports. During the first China International Import Expo, the Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods area will showcase quality import brands to achieve face-to-face interactions with consumers and purchasers through an interactive experience including designer forums and salons.

The China International Import Expo Bureau held a collective contract signing and match-making meeting on the afternoon of April 28th between exhibitors and purchasers with 25 Fortune Global 500 firms and industry-leading enterprises. L'Oréal of France, Unilever of Britain and the Netherlands, and Heritage Home Group of the US have all signed up officially to take part in the Consumer Goods section of the expo.

Unilever will bring its vast range of products spanning food, cosmetics, and personal and household care supplies. Heritage Home Group will showcase its hundred-year-old high-end house furnishing brand Thomasville and display its unique and relaxing American-style home furnishings. L'Oréal has signaled its intention to debut products in China during the expo.

During the first China International Import Expo, Unilever will use a display area of nearly 600 square meters. Zeng Xiwen, vice-president of Unilever North Asia, stated that the Chinese market has shifted its role from a global follower to a global leader. “Our company has over 400 brands around the world, while only 20-plus of them are present in the Chinese market, so there’s a huge market space there.”

In 2017, Heritage Home Group joined hands with Red Star Macalline Furniture, the leading company in the Chinese home furnishings distribution industry, to launch the Thomasville brand in the Chinese market. During the first China International Import Expo, HHG will bring dozens of house furnishing brands to the expo, and will hold a number of designer forums, display salons and industry trend activities centered on promoting American-style home furnishings and life.

L'Oréal is among the first batch of French enterprises that entered the Chinese market during the Reform and Opening-up, and it has witnessed and benefited from China’s opening-up policies. At present, China is the brand’s second-largest market in the world. L'Oréal hopes to bring consumers the most desirable and quality brands and goods, the latest in innovative research and development technologies, the most disruptive new retail modes and the most advanced sustainable development ideas during the first China International Import Expo.