FAQs for First China International Import Expo Release date:2018-08-08

With the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) now less than 100 days away, the public and people from all walks of life now have increasingly higher expectations for it. Here are some frequently asked questions of public concern, as well as their answers.

1.  How can one access information about CIIE?

The China International Import Expo Bureau has launched an official website (https://www.ciie.org) and an official WeChat account with an ID of 中国国际进口博览会 (the China International Import Expo). It also runs accounts on platforms like Weibo, Newscctv and Toutiao. It is worth noting that the official website, Wechat and Weibo accounts are updated on a daily basis, delivering authorized information on the CIIE. The official website enjoys sections like the “News Center,” “Exhibitors,” “Buyers,” “Exhibition Services” and the “Trade Forum,” among others. Visitors can download useful materials from the website, including the CIIE 2018 Application Form (with multi-language support), the CIIE Brochure (Enterprise & Business Exhibitions), the CIIE Brochure (Exhibition Areas) and the Exhibitor’s Manual for the China International Import Expo Enterprise & Business Exhibition (https://www.ciie.org/zbh/ExhibitorManual/).

In addition, the China International Import Expo Bureau has established linkage working mechanism with over 30 mainstream media outlets, such as the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and China Central Radio and Television Station, as well as more than 20 industrial media outlets. Numerous materials have been offered to them for improving the influence of the CIIE. The Bureau has also opened accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to post CIIE updates in a timely manner for the international audience. Moreover, online and outdoor advertisements have also made contributions to the event’s publicity.

2.  Is there any new platform, besides the official trade groups in various regions that can help exhibitors find and conduct matchmaking with more potential buyers and cooperators?

The China International Import Expo Bureau has effectively integrated online with offline methods, striving to help exhibitors and buyers cooperate. As for offline methods, pre-expo supply and demand matchmaking meetings for the respective exhibition areas are held. For example, the first offline supply-demand meeting was held on April 28, 2018. In addition, the matchmaking meetings for the Food and Agriculture Products as well as the Consumer Electronics & Appliances, Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods were held on June 14 and July 26, respectively, winning high recognition and fruitful results. Following that, the matchmaking meetings for all 7 exhibition areas will be held before the opening of the CIIE. As for online methods, systems like pre-expo exhibitions and pre-expo matchmaking are developed to help exhibitors and buyers. Online exhibition areas (https://www.ciie.org/ciie/f/exhibits-show/index) have been launched. Furthermore, the Shanghai Municipality has been actively involved in the construction of the “6+365” trade promotion platform, with a one-stop online trade promotion platform having been launched.

3.  What preferential policies can be provided for enterprises from developing and least developed countries?

Several preferential policies for enterprises from developing and least developed countries have been published (please refer to the 13th item in Enterprise & Business Exhibition, https://www.ciie.org/zbh/EBE2/). Meanwhile, in order to better serve all exhibitors, the Bureau has taken proactive measures to cooperate with related departments on customs, commodity inspections, intellectual property and taxes for releasing import-favored streamlined policies and measures. Recently, the General Administration of Customs of the PRC has issued a Notice on Customs Clearance and Facilitation Measures for the First China International Import Expo in 2018 (https://www.ciie.org/zbh/Notice/20180727/5069.html).

In response to the tariffs for some trade in goods industrial products having been reduced and trade in services having become more open, the CIIE has attached great importance to the promotion of related exhibits and exhibition areas as well as inviting exhibitors.

4.  Is there any specific information or updates on the Hongqiao International Trade Forum?

The first Hongqiao International Trade Forum, consisting of an opening ceremony and three parallel forums, will be held during the CIIE. Leaders from China and the Guest of Honor will attend the opening ceremony and deliver keynote speeches. Themed with “Stimulating New Vitality in Global Trade, Creating a New Pattern of Open and Win-win Operations”, the Forum will focus on topics such as “trade and opening”, “trade and innovation”, and “trade and investment”, and will mainly discuss the promotion of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, the construction of an open world economy, the boosting of trade innovation growth and the promotion of sustainable development in trade and investment.

Currently, the preparatory work for this Forum is proceeding steadily and orderly. Detailed plans, including the main topics of the Forum, agenda, distinguished guests, delegates, certificate registration and logistical support are under preparation, all of which have been preliminarily determined to be presented to the public in September.

The Forum has recently sent invitations to related guests from industry and academia, receiving positive feedback. Nationality, regions, ethnicities, genders, and the sizes of enterprises and other elements were taken into consideration when inviting delegations.

The Forum sincerely welcomes political leaders, businessmen, scholars and members of the media, inviting them to discuss new ways to realize economic globalization and trade liberalization, sharing their knowledge and viewpoints on the new economy and new forms of business, proposing suggestions on international trade development in the new era and making joint efforts to develop the Forum into a high-end communication platform for major cutting-edge issues concerning international trade.

5.  How can one get access to detailed information on topics such as how to participate in exhibition?

An FAQ (https://www.ciie.org/zbh/aoociie/ ) has been published in eight languages on the official website of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), covering nearly 80 aspects of 11 categories including an  Overview of the China International Import Expo, Enterprise & Business Exhibition, Visitors & Sign-up, Customs, Inspection and Quarantine, Booths, Supporting Services, Venue, Events, and Intellectual Property Rights Protection Services. This section systematically answers the questions concerning exhibitors.

In terms of the Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment, the Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment Exhibition Guide (No. 2) has been sent to participating countries, including the overall layout of the Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment, important time nodes and other specific information. The Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment Manual has been basically completed, including comprehensive information, relevant regulations, design and construction of booths, transportation of exhibits, exhibition services and related information sheets, etc. The Manual is planned to be sent to participating countries as the Country Pavilion for Trade & Investment Participation Guide (No. 3) in the near future.

For the Enterprise & Business Exhibition, the overall layout of the pavilion has been published on the official website (https://www.ciie.org/zbh/FloorPlan/). The important time nodes and work plans are shown in the table below. At the same time, according to the overall work progress, relevant information, including the list of participating enterprises, will be released in batches, gradually and in a timely manner through the official release channels.


Before   July 10

Participating   enterprises need to confirm their methods of exhibit transportation with the   service providers for venue transportation.

Before   July 20

Confirm   the departure and arrival times of the exhibits

Before   July 31

Participating   enterprises must complete the online entry of enterprises and exhibits information.

Before   August 10

Complete   the selection for the service providers of special booth construction

Before   August 20

Confirm   the list of exhibits, and determine the follow-up plans for them

August   20 to

September 20

Prepare   and submit customs clearance documents to the service providers of venue   transportation for review

Before   August 25

Determine   booth design plans

August   30 to

October 15

Complete   logistics information for exhibit shipment tracking

Before   August 31

Complete   the online entry of exhibitor information

September   15

Deadline   for the declaration of booth drawings

Before   September 25

Complete   the declaration of special items and value-added supporting services

Before   September 30

Complete   the preparation of construction materials

October   5 to

October 20

Exhibits   will be handed over and transported to the venue after arrival

Before   October 15

Complete   the certifications for construction personnel

October   15 to

October 28

Customs   will release exhibits in succession, and the service providers of venue   transportation will pick up the goods and transport them to the venue.

October   26 to

October 31

booth   construction in the venue

October   28 to

November 2

Arrange   the exhibits


6.  How can one get advice on accommodation and transportation? How can one obtain supporting information on the security, transportation and accommodation for attending high-level government officials?

The China International Import Expo Bureau has introduced two service providers of business travel and listed them in the Exhibitor’s Manual for the China International Import Expo Enterprise & Business Exhibition and on the official website (https://www.ciie.org/zbh/Download/, Part V “Exhibition Services” of the Manual). Business travel service providers provide personalized supporting services, such as flight tickets reservations, accommodation, car usage, catering and reception for the merchants and guests who have such needs. At the same time, exhibitors can choose their methods of accommodation, transportation and dining according to their own circumstances and needs. Up until now, four participating companies have contacted service providers and settled their demands for business travel services.

The relevant departments of the Shanghai Municipality are responsible for the reception services of foreign high-level government officials.

7.  How will the CIIE strengthen the protection of intellectual property?

The CIIE is the first import-themed national-level fair in the world. The exhibitors and exhibits involve a large number of intellectual achievements, which make the exhibition a concentrated display of global achievements in innovation. The CIIE attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property and regards it as one of the important measures for achieving “first-class service” at the Expo. Thus it is taking effective measures to provide intellectual property services and strives to create a favorable environment for exhibition and innovation for global exhibitors and buyers. First, a Service Center for Intellectual Property Protection and Commercial Disputes Settlement will be set up during the exhibition to provide legal consultancy services concerning intellectual property and business affairs, mediate relevant complaints, actively protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant parties, and help foreign exhibitors and buyers understand Chinese laws and the country’s policy environment. At present, we have established working contact mechanisms with the relevant intellectual property departments, and will soon issue the Measures for Intellectual Property Services at the China International Import Expo to promote the establishment of service centers. Second, consultancy services concerning intellectual property will be provided during the CIIE. The CIIE official website has an especially set-up column for “IPR”, releasing information on intellectual property protection as well as the laws and regulations related to the intellectual property of the exhibition. Intellectual property protection questionnaires and consultancy services are offered through the official website, call center (021-968888), etc., to guide exhibitors and buyers who need to apply for and obtain intellectual property protection in China. Third, pre-expo risk-prevention measures have been carried out. We have reached intellectual property protection clauses with exhibitors. Through the Exhibition Manual and official website, exhibitors are reminded to review the intellectual property situation, formulate an intellectual property protection plan, and prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights. We will also strengthen the coordination with relevant intellectual property departments, intensify the law enforcement of intellectual property, punish according to the law the infringement of intellectual property, and create a favorable market environment.

8.  What on-site supporting activities will be held during the CIIE?

The first CIIE will organize high-level, high-standard, high-quality on-site activities, which are mainly divided into six categories, including policy interpretations, release activities, matchmaking and signing events, country promotions, etc. One such activity will be forums in the form of policy interpretations and authoritative releases concerning foreign consulates and chambers of commerce in Shanghai. According to the Scheme for On-site Supporting Activities of the First China International Import Expo, the relevant parties are summarizing and determining on-site supporting activities. Exhibitors, buyers, etc. can pay attention to the CIIE official website to select their activities of interest and contact the sponsors to actively participate after the announcement of the activity schedule.

9.  How will the CIIE fully leverage China’s platform advantage in e-commerce and build a permanent trade investment platform for the participating enterprises?

Currently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and other relevant departments and enterprises are actively promoting the construction of the “6+365” trade promotion platform of the first CIIE. In addition, a “One-Stop” online trade promotion platform has been launched, which possesses functions for promoting import transactions and providing supporting services. At the same time, Shanghai is playing the leading role in the establishment of four major buyer alliances, including the Cross-Border Import E-Commerce Alliance, the Large-Scale Retail Buyer Alliance, the Comprehensive Trade Service Provider Alliance and the Exhibition and Sales Service Alliance, which will contribute to promoting cooperation and matchmaking among cross-border e-commerce platforms at home and abroad.