CIIE Service Trade Exhibition Area Standard Requirements on Exhibits Release date:2018-09-18

In order to reflect the characteristics and professionalism of the service trade exhibition area, we made the following standard requirements for the first CIIE.

I. The Scope of Exhibits and Forms Allowed at the Exhibition

The scope of company exhibits in the service trade exhibition area should be consistent with the scope of the exhibition subjects released by the host, including all exhibits which have passed the screening of the organizer.

Non-physical-product exhibition forms including images, words, videos, systems, modes, models, virtual simulations (including but not limited to VR, AR, MR, CR, XR) are allowed. Product packaging reflecting the creativity of products is allowed to be displayed.

II. Limited Exhibition Forms

(I) All physical products in the service trade area must be submitted to the exhibition organizers in writing prior to September 30, 2018. Only physical exhibits that pass the examination can be displayed. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. If exhibitors need to display physical products, they must submit their applications in writing, including via email, to the organizers of the exhibition, and they must specify the relatedness between the physical products and the stipulated scope of the exhibits, while also demonstrating the significance of the physical products to the display of their companies’ technologies and services and the indispensability of the physical products.

Exhibitors should send applications to the following contact person:

Name: Simon Hou

Tel.: 021-67008932

Fax: 021-67008811


2. The organizer will assess the exhibitor applications. If the applications fail to pass their assessments or generate other misgivings, the organizers will notify the exhibitors so as to have them adjust their demonstration forms. (If the applications pass the assessments, there will be no feedback.) Under such circumstances, the exhibitors must adjust their displays and re-submit the applications until they pass their assessments.

3. The exhibition organizers will check all of the exhibition stands in the service trade exhibition area during the period of exhibition arrangement and during the exhibition itself. If exhibits violating the rules are found, the organizers have the right to ask the exhibitors to remove them.

(II) Exhibits in the culture and education category should comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Culture.

(III) The printed materials, promotional materials, videos, words, pictures and images on display must comply with the laws and rules of China.

III. Prohibited Demonstration Forms

Physical products unrelated to the scope of the exhibits of the service trade exhibition area are prohibited.