The Import Expo Indicates China’s Determination to Pursue Openness, Says President of the Canada-China Business Council Release date:2018-04-20

In recent years, economic and trade exchange between China and Canada has developed rapidly. China has remained Canada’s second largest trading partner, its second largest export market, and its second largest source of imports for many years. In 2017, Canada’s exports to China grew rapidly. Driven by significant growth in major products such as plant products, minerals and paper, Canada’s total export volume increased by 15.0%, placing China top among its major export markets. Also, all major categories of products imported from China have achieved growth, circumstances under which Canada’s imports from China have increased, exceeding the country’s average increase in imports by about 5 percentage points. China has become one of the major trading partners of Canada with rapid growth in mutual import and export trade. Currently, the China International Import Expo has become another hot spot in Chinese-Canadian economic and trade relations, and it has attracted great attention from Canadian companies.

Recently, Mr. Graham Shantz, President of the Canada China Business Council (CCBC), accepted an interview. He believes that the China International Import Expo is the proof to an increasingly open Chinese market. He acknowledges the positive role of the expo in facilitating Canadian economic development and export growth, and believes that Canadian companies should seize this opportunity, actively participate in the import expo, and present their products to buyers.

Mr. Shantz said that all industries in Canada are likely to benefit from the Chinese economy through the import expo. Canada holds advantages in the green and environmental protection industry, with a well-developed supply chain system, superior-quality agricultural products and food, and a high level of development in aerospace and other high-tech fields. He suggests that companies in these fields should explore the Chinese market with the expo as a platform.

Mr. Shantz believes that the first import expo will not only bring direct benefits to its participants, but also realize more sales. More importantly, the import expo will show the determination of the Chinese government to open the domestic market to the participating companies and the international community. He thinks that the CCBC has witnessed the development of China-Canada economic and trade relations since its establishment 40 years ago. Canadian companies face great opportunities in China, especially in the sectors of luxury goods, seafood, agricultural products, and green technology. As China's economy grows, Canada's tourism industry will also see enormous potential for development. He suggests that Canadian companies should “look to the east, Asia, and China” in the future to maintain their prosperity. “China has countless opportunities and wonderful prospects.” Both the Chinese companies doing business in Canada and the Canadian companies operating in China should have confidence in this.