Build a “Made in Russia” Brand via the China Import Expo Release date:2018-04-20

Sino-Russian trade relations have become increasingly tight with the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2018, the China-Russia year of local cooperation and exchange, bilateral cooperation on building the “Polar Silk Road” is growing tighter. The First China International Import Expo (CIIE) will provide new points of growth for Sino-Russian trade and investment cooperation. Russia is ready to accept this invitation and is in active preparation to encourage representative enterprises, technologies and services building the “Made in Russia” brand via the CIIE.

Recently, Alexei Gruzdev, the Deputy Minister of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development highly praised the CIIE during an interview. He said that he will use the CIIE as a platform to encourage more first-rate enterprises to promote Russian technology, services and products. Agricultural and sideline products, as well as machine manufacturing products from Russia have also entered into China. The Russian side should publicize, promote those products and expand their brand awareness as a whole, so as to build the “Made in Russia” brand. In addition, exchange in e-commerce, electronic technology and the Internet should be strengthened to facilitate the development of the service trade in China.

The Russian Export Center also said that Sino-Russian trade and investment relations will be improved through the platform of the CIIE. As the CIIE official exhibition organizer in Russia, the Russian Export Center is now actively guiding and encouraging Russian industries to join the CIIE.