CEO of PROCOMER: China Int’l Import Expo is an opportunity to boost global trade Release date:2018-05-09

Beirute Pedro, Chief Executive Officer of PROCOMER said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency on March 20, 2018 that the first China International Import Expo was an opportunity to promote the development of global trade, and Costa Rica is an enthusiastic supporter. China is actively preparing for the expo, which will promote the sustained and rapid development of economic and trade relations between China and Costa Rica.

Beirute Pedro also said that China was a very important trade partner for all countries, including Costa Rica. The signing of the China-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement in 2011 has brought enormous opportunities for bilateral trade between the two countries.

In recent years, the export volume from Costa Rica to China has achieved a double-digit growth and the structure of export commodities has become more diversified, boasting great potential for development. Currently there are more than 120 Costa Rican enterprises exporting to China.

Beirute Pedro indicated that PROCOMER was a national export promotion agency aiming at assisting foreign trade enterprises in Costa Rica to expand new markets. As a leading trade promotion agency all over the world, PROCOMER adheres to the development strategy of achieving market diversification and increasing the number of export enterprises. China is doubtlessly an important market for Costa Rica to diversify its exports. Offices of PROCOMER have also been established both in Beijing and Shanghai.