Senegal’s excellent companies will participate in CIIE Release date:2018-07-09

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai this November, and Senegal, whose economy is in a period of rapid growth, will actively take part in the expo. China and Senegal have engaged in close cooperation in many fields, and the upcoming expo will bring a new opportunity for the two countries to further expand their economic and trade exchange.

Malick Diop, Director-General of the Senegalese Export Promotion Agency said in an interview that they are actively working on the exhibition for the CIIE, and some of the best companies will participate in the expo.

The economic and trade exchange between China and Senegal has seen rapid development in recent years. Diop took agriculture as an example. Senegal, which exported nearly no peanuts to China five years ago, but it is now the largest source of peanut imports for China. The pressed peanut oil exporting to China is of very high quality, he added.

Diop said that the top export item in Senegal is seafood, including quality shellfish and fine fish. The trade volume between China and Senegal in this area is very large. Senegal also exports other products such as gold, titanium and zircon.

In recent years, China and Senegal have cooperated in many fields. Among the 27 infrastructure projects under the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE), several projects have been implemented by Chinese companies, including the largest one, the Thies-Touba Highway and the Senegalese National Arena.

Diop stated that cooperation between China and Senegal will not stop here, and as long as the two countries keep on exploring, their cooperation will continue to develop.