The Schedule for Onsite Support Activities of the First China International Import Expo (First Batch) Release date:2018-08-22

Item  Name of ActivityHostDate
1A   Gateway to the Growing Middle Class Market—The Quality Infrastructure System   in China to Facilitate Trade Flows and InvestmentUnited   Nations Industrial Development OrganizationState Administration for Market RegulationNov   6,2018
2Promoting   Results for Children through Innovative SolutionsUnited   Nations International Children's Emergency FundNov   6,2018
32018   Global Intellectual Property Right Protection and Innovative Development   Conference-Protect and Connect Innovative Resources·Share Realization and   Drive DevelopmentMinistry   of CommerceNov   6,2018
4China-US   Subnational Trade and Investment Cooperation ForumMinistry   of Commerce Nov   7,2018
5"United   Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from   Mediation" and Opening-up ForumMinistry of CommerceNov   6,2018
62018   Digital Economy Forum for International CooperationMinistry   of Industry and Information TechnologyNov   7,2018
7"Share   New Opportunities for New Growth-RMB Boosts Cross-border Trade and Investment   Facilitation" Theme ForumThe   People's Bank of ChinaNov   6,2018
8Belt   and Road Trade Finance Innovation and Cooperation Forum The   People's Bank of ChinaNov   6,2018
9Central SOE International Cooperation ForumState-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council(SASAC)Nov   6,2018
10Forum   on China Food Consumption Trends and StandardsState   Administration for Market Regulation,
    The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
Nov   6,2018
11International   sports industry summitGeneral   Administration of Sport of ChinaNov   6,2018
12Global   Cross-border Import and Supply Chain Leaders' SummitChina   Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Nov   6,2018
13The   15th Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum
    Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection System and Foster World-Class   Business Environment
Shanghai   Municipal People's Government, State Intellectual Property Office, World   Intellectual Property OrganizationNov   7,2018
14China   Convention & Exhibition Industry International Trade Forum(CEIITF)
    World Trade Point FederationItalian Exhibition & Trade Fair Association
Nov   6,2018
15Seminar on “Hong Kong Experience for International Trade” : New Horizon · New Technology· New ModelGovernment   of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of   China,
    Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Nov   6,2018
16Macao   Investment Cooperation
    Forum-Presentation on Sino-Lusophone Cooperation Platform and Macao’s   Featured
    Financial Industry

    Macao Trade and Investment Promotion InstituteHong Kong & Macao Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal   People's Government
Nov   6,2018
17China-Russia   Local Cooperation ForumRussiaNov   6,2018
18Russia   Tourism Promotion RussiaNov   6,2018
19UK-China   High-level Signing CeremonyUKNov   6,2018
20Chevening   Global Network at CIIEUKNov   6,2018
21UK-China   Business MatchingUKNov   6,2018
22UK-China   Business ReceptionUKNov   6,2018
23UK-China   Business MatchingUKNov   7,2018
24UK-China   Business ReceptionUKNov   7,2018
25South   Africa Investment Symposium and MatchingDepartment   of Trade and Industry, Republic of South AfricaNov   6,2018
26Egypt   Investment Forum and Enterprise MatchingExport   Development Bank of EgyptNov   6,2018
27Pakistan-Theme   Fashion ShowPakistanNov   6,2018
28Increase   Regional and Global Economic ConnectivityVietnamNov   6,2018
29Trade   with Remarkable IndonesiaIndonesiaNov   7,2018
30CHINESE-AUSTRIAN ECONOMIC AND INVESTMENT FORUMAustrian Federal Economic Chamber,ABA-Invest in Austria,Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs of AustriaNov   6,2018
31World   Economic Rebalance: China's Role and Function(International Academic   Symposium)Shanghai   Institutes for International Studies,China Institute of Fudan   University,China Europe International Business SchoolNov   6,2018
32The   Policy Interpretation and Priority Project Release and Signing Ceremony of   the New Round of Open-up of Beijing Beijing   Municipal People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
33Zhejiang-Germany   Digital Economy and New and Hi-tech Industry Summit Matchmaking ConferenceZhejiang   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
34Multinational   Company Selected New Products of Shandong Release Conference and Import   Agreement Signing CeremonyShandong   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
35Guangdong   Import Policy Measures Release Conference and Key Importers LuncheonGuangdong   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
36Guangdong   Intelligent Manufacture Import Matchmaking ConferenceGuangdong   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
37Guangdong   Key Importer Matchmaking ConferenceGuangdong   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
38Yunnan   Key Industry Cooperation PromotionYunnan   Provincial Investment Invitation and Cooperation BureauNov   6,2018
39The   Signing Ceremony between the Tibetan Autonomous Region People's Government   and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Supplies of NepalTibetan   Autonomous Region People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
40Shaanxi   Procurement Description Session and Signing CeremonyShaanxi   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
41Shanxi   Province-owned Enterprise Procurement and Signing CeremonyShanxi   Provincial Transaction Team, Shanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision   and Administration CommissionNov   6,2018
42The   Project Matchmaking Conference between Jincheng of Shanxi and Sarah Batman of   South AfricaShanxi   Provincial Transaction Team, Shanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision   and Administration CommissionNov   6,2018
43China   Jilin-Northeast Asia (Global)Open-up and Cooperation and Mechanical and   Electrical Products Import Matchmaking ConferenceJilin   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   6,2018
44China-Singapore   Cooperation Service Trade Innovation ForumJiangsu   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   7,2018
45 Cross-border E-commerce Imported Products   Procurement FairJiangsu   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   7,2018
46Anhui   Import Need Policy Release and Procurement and Signing (Matchmaking)   ConferenceAnhui   Provincial Department of CommerceNov   7,2018
47Fujian   Provincial Transaction Team Procurement Matchmaking ConferenceFujian   Provincial Department of CommerceNov   7,2018
48Henan   Provincial Transaction Team Procurement Need Release and Signing CeremonyHenan   Provincial People's GovernmentNov   7,2018
49"Expanding   Import Trade, Building China-Singapore Mutual Connectivity Southward   Channel" Policy Description SessionGuangxi   Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government Nov   7,2018
50Chongqing   Key Industry Matchmaking Conference and Signing CeremonyChongqing   Municipal People's GovernmentNov   7,2018
51Tianjin   Cross-border Import Trade Policy Release and Matchmaking ConferenceTianjin   Municipal People's GovernmentNov   7,2018
52Ningbo   Manufacture Industry Advanced Equipment Procurement Agreement Signing   CeremonyNingbo   Municipal People's GovernmentNov   7,2018
53Building   World Quality Together-Dairy Industry Global Cooperation Partner ForumThe   Bureau of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,The Bureau of   Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,China   Dairy Industry Association,Dairy Association of ChinaNov   7,2018
54 China North Industries Group   Corporation Limited Onsite Procurement and Signing Ceremony
China   North Industries Group Corporation LimitedNov   6,2018
55Aero   Engine Equipment Supply and Need Matchmaking Conference, Signing Ceremony,   and High-end Technology Equipment Users Exchange Meeting Aero   Engine Corporation of China
Nov   6,2018
56China   Huaneng Group Co.,Ltd and Siemens Co., Ltd Procurment Agreement Signing   CeremonyChina   Huaneng Group Co., Ltd.
Nov   6,2018
57China   Datang Corporation and EEW Co., Ltd. Procurement Agreement Signing Ceremony,   and Business Meeting with GEChina   Datang Corporation
Nov   6,2018
58 China Huadian Corporation Ltd.Procurement   Transaction Sub-team Cooperation Negotiation and Signing CeremonyChina   Huadian Corporation Ltd.
Nov   6,2018
59World   Shipping (China) SummitChina   COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited
Nov   6,2018
60Dialogue   between Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs and Sinochem Group Agreement   Signing CeremonySinochem   Group Co., Ltd.
Nov   6,2018
61"Belt   & Road" International Tea Industry ForumCOFCO   Corporation
Nov   6,2018
62"Belt   & Road" Logistics Cooperation ForumChina   Merchants Group,Duisburg port groupNov   6,2018
63Coal Industry Equipment   Innovation and China National Coal Group Global Procurement ReleaseChina   National Coal Group Corp.
Nov   6,2018
64Sinochem   Procurement Intention Letter Signing CeremonySinochem   Group Co., Ltd.
Nov   6,2018
65 China Railway Group Procurment Whitepaper   Release and Import Equipment Procurement Signing CeremonyChina   Railway Group Limited
Nov   6,2018
66China   Forestry Group Corporation Transaction Sub-team Timber Import Trade FairChina   Forestry Group Corporation
Nov   6,2018
67Power   Constrcution Corporation of China Procurement Agreement Signing CeremonyPower   Construction Corporation of China
Nov   6,2018
68Collective   Agreement Signing CeremonyChina   Energy Engineering Corporation LimitedNov   6,2018
69China   China General Nuclear Power Corporation Procurement Sub-team Agreement   Signing Ceremony and Need ReleaseChina   General Nuclear Power Corporation
Nov   6,2018
70Dongfang   Electric Corporation Onsite Procurement Agreement Signing CeremonyDongfang   Electric Corporation Co.Ltd.Nov   7,2018
71China   Baowu Steel Group Corporation Onsite Procurement Agreement Signing CeremonyChina   Baowu Steel Group Corporation
Nov   7,2018
72China   Eastern Air Holding Company First Import Expo Transaction Agreement Signing   CeremonyChina   Eastern Air Holding Company
Nov   7,2018
73China-Mongolia   Mining ForumChina   Aluminum International Trading Co. LtdNov   7,2018
74Steel   Industry Chain Cooperation ForumAnsteel   Group CorporationNov   7,2018
75ATM   Procurement Fair China   Aerospace Science and Industry CORP Limited
Nov   7,2018
76Global   Agricultural Industry Cooperation ForumSinochem   Group Co., Ltd.
Nov   7,2018
77Digitalized   Supply ChainDeloitte,   China Economic Information ServiceNov   7,2018
78Beauty   for All - L'oreal Beauty Show to Celebrate China 40 years Reformed Oping-upL‘orealNov   6,2018
79OLED   Emerging Technology Release Conference, Signing Ceremony, Innovation Centre   Press ConferenceMerck   Group(China)Co.Ltd.Nov   6,2018
80TBDPhilipsNov   6,2018
81The   Realm of Inspiration, Freedom from CareHHGNov   6,2018
82HSBC   Financial Service Innovation Forum: Cross-border Trade and Investment New   Pattern and Financial Service Innovation OpportunitiesHSBCNov   6,2018
83Avionics   Products Signing Ceremony Panasonic Nov   6,2018
842018   GE Import Expo Press ConferenceGeneral   Electric CompanyNov   6,2018
852018   GE Import Expo In-depth Press Exchange MeetingGeneral   Electric CompanyNov   6,2018
86Technology   Description SessionFUJIFILMNov   7-9,2018
87The   Winner of Reddot Design Award, FLUVIA Lighting Product Design Concept SharingSimonNov   6,2018
88Intelligent   Space SolutionSimonNov   6,2018
89China   Themed New Product LaunchLEGO   GroupNov   6,2018
90How   play in Education Can Foster Innovation and CreativityLEGO   GroupLab for Lifelong   Learning Tsinghua UniversityNov   6,2018
91Healthcare   Innovation Technology ForumNovartis   GroupNov   6,2018
92Denmark   Creative Business Cup Global FinalDenmark   Creative Business CupNov   6,2018
93Advanced   Equipment and Chinese Industry Matchmaking SymposiumChina   Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic   Products, Tianjin Commission of CommerceGuangdong Provincial Department of CommerceNov   6,2018
94The   Art Creation and Cultural Integration of Fernando BoteroCAEGNov   6,2018
95Intangible   Cultural Heritage and Creation of IranCAEGNov   7,2018
96CIIE   Auto Exhibition Area Simultaneous ForumShanghai   International Exhibition Co.,LtdNov   6,2018
97Matchmaking   Signing CeremonyChina   National Machinery Industry CorporationNov   6,2018
98ForumSinomach   and CNMTC Nov 7, 2018
99Boundless   Retail-World Import Trade New Driver Summit Forum and JD and Its Global   Cooperation Partner Procurement Agreement Signing Ceremonyjd.comNov   6,2018
100HHG   Matchmaking Agreement Signing ActivityHHGNov   7,2018
101Sanofi   Path to Health SymposiumSanofi   GroupNov   7,2018
102The   Inheritance of Barossa Valley-Promotion for Soul GrowersSwan   BreweryNov   7,2018
1032018   China International Meat ConferenceChina   Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce Tianjin Commission of   CommerceNov   7,2018
104Global   Automobile Industry Development Trend ForumChina   Association of the European  Technical   and Economic CooperationNov   7,2018
105Imported   New Technology and New Product Release and Trade ActivityOrient   International (Holding)Co.,Ltd Nov   7,2018
106The   First China Import Food Industry Summit and the 2018 Industry Whitepaper   ReleaseChina   Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native ProduceNov   7,2018
107Matchmaking   Signing CeremonyAVL   List GmbHNov   7,2018
108The   Fifth Conference of China-Italy Entrepreneurs ComissionChina-Italy   Entrepreneurs CommissionNov   7,2018
109Intellectual   Property Right Protection and Business Laws Risk PreventionChina   International Import BureauNov   6,2018
110The   First China International Import Expo Exhibitors and Guests Large Scale   Supply and Need Matchmaking ConferenceChina   International Import BureauNovember   6-8,2018

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