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China CYTS M.I.C.E. (Shanghai) Service Co., Ltd.

CHINA CYTS M.I.C.E SERVICE CO.,LTD is a professional subsidiary of CYTS holdings co., LTD

It is the first travel agency in China to focus on the business exhibition field and offer integrated marketing services for clients with professional framework, teams and service patterns.

CHINA CYTS M.I.C.E SERVICE (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD was established in 2006 with professional framework, teams and service patterns in Yangtze River delta region.

It supplies for many domestic and international well-known companies with customize business travel, incentive travel, meeting management, activities management, education and training, PR Consultant, exhibition and so on.

At present, Shanghai company has established a sound organizational structure, it has medicine medical treatment department, finance insurance department, daily health department etc, over 100 employees.

Through the unremitting efforts of the staff, the company has established excellent brand reputation and influence. Nowadays, such service team takes the central city of China's key economic regions as the core, builds the interact network of the circum-bohai-sea, pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta across the country, and extends from the original business meeting incentive tourism to activity management, public relations consultant, advertising marketing and other fields.