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Shanghai Utour In'l Travel Co., Ltd.

Utourchina was founded in 2007 by Mr. Gong Jiangang, a graduate of China’s Tongji University and an EMBA from CEIBS in his 30s, who has specialized in China travel for over 10 years.  To focus on the travel need of expatriates in Shanghai, who always play an important role in city beat, utourchina team have been quite honored to provide excellent service in recent couple of years. Utourchina’s proudest year yet was 2010, during the Shanghai World Expo by hosting 30,000 guests in total. Our success can be attributed to our cooperation, team spirit, excellent communication, and strong familiarity with all aspects of tourism in Shanghai. Besides offering group trips and MICE arrangements, we also specialize in tailor-made trips with more variety, unique themes, and in-depth focus.

 Why Choose Utourchina?

We are professional—

Anyone who has ever traveled on an organized tour knows how important the tour guides are for a trip. All of our licensed guides—speaking various languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc)—agree that an excellent guide must have fluency in spoken language, profound knowledge, and last but not the least, enthusiasm on what we are doing.

On top of the professional tour guides that are always ready to meet the customers with their passion , we also have a professional team working on back stage—ticket &hotel booking, tour organizing, car renting, etc., which are as same important to make a trip smooth and comfortable.

We are flexible—

All of our trips can be made private with the luxury of having your own knowledgeable guide and transportation. Minimum: 1 customer.

We keep abreast of the clients’ requirements the whole trip. With travel consultant’s number available all through your trip, we strive to provide considerate and personalized service to ensure your enjoyable time.

We design travel in style—

Our themed tour helps you understand China from different angles and provides you with more cultural and historical information, or other relevant information depending on your particular interests.

Our weekend escape takes you away from hustle and bustle of China’s metropolises;our interesting choice of destinations and accommodations always brings you surprise.

Our tailor-made tour offers more possibilities meeting the needs of expatriates in Shanghai. We can tailor a trip to suit your schedule, interest, and other requirements.

Contact us now. Begin your private tour next minute!