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Overseas Buyer Registration for the Sixth China International Import Expo Q & A for Hot Issues

1. Who are the overseas buyers of the sixth CIIE?

A: Overseas buyers of the sixth CIIE refer to industry insiders from overseas enterprises, government organs, public institutions, social organizations, etc. corresponding to the industry setting of the exhibition area of the sixth CIIE.

2. How can an overseas buyer sign up to visit the sixth CIIE?

A: Please sign up online: visit the official website of the CIIE (, select Business Exhibition — Buyer — Registration, and then fill in the information of your enterprise and all the people who will attend, visit or purchase at the CIIE. Only once your review passes can you be admitted to the sixth CIIE.

After registration, overseas buyers can visit and click the Business Exhibition — Buyer — Sign In columns in sequence to review and modify the information that you have already submitted, and can check the progress of relevant processes including those for reviews, certificate making, and certificate issuing.

All overseas buyers shall register online in advance, as on-site regular registration for the sixth CIIE will not be allowed.

3. Can overseas buyers naturally become eligible for admission by registration?

A: After overseas buyers’ successful registration, filling in the affiliations and personnel information as required, the review for such information will commence, after which certificate-making and issuing will occur if all the information passes the review. After obtaining their certificates, overseas buyers can visit the exhibition in accordance with relevant stipulations.

4. How do overseas buyers check the registration progress after registration?

A: After overseas buyers register on CIIE’s official website, their review results will be sent to the e-mail addresses they used during registration.

Overseas buyers can also check the registration progress by logging into columns Business Exhibition — Buyer — Sign In on the official website of the CIIE (

5. How can overseas buyers who have passed information reviews get their admission certificates?

A: Overseas buyers can choose either way to pick up their certificates, namely, by express delivery (only available to addresses on the Chinese Mainland) or claiming the certificates on site. If you have a delivery address on the Chinese Mainland, express delivery is strongly recommended, and there is no need to pay extra express delivery fees. If you choose this way, please fill in a valid address within 6 months. After the certificates are sent, buyers can log onto the official website of the CIIE and click the Business Exhibition — Buyer — Sign In columns in sequence to view express information. For overseas buyers who choose to claim certificates on site, the system will send an email to inform them of the time and place for certificate collecting.

6. How can the personnel holding buyer certificates for the fifth CIIE re-validate certificates?

A: Those who hold the certificates of overseas buyers for the fifth CIIE still need to register on the official website of the CIIE, then click on the "Certificate Reuse". Only once your review passes can you be admitted to the sixth CIIE with the new certificate.It is recommended to use the CIIE mobile app or mini-program to check their personal certificates and access permission before visiting the expo.

7.When is the deadline for overseas buyer registration?

A: The deadline is September 30, 2023.

8.Where will the sixth CIIE be held?

A: The sixth CIIE will be held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from November 5 to 10, 2023.

9. Can the personnel information for admission be changed or modified after registration?

A: When registering, overseas buyers need to fill in the information of their affiliations and their personal information before entering the review process. The personal information can be modified before submission, and more personal information can be added before the deadline for registration. Personnel information cannot be modified if submitted.

10. What are the visit dates for overseas buyers?

A: November 6 to 10, 2023. Please register on the official website of the CIIE before the deadline.

11.How can foreign nationals get invitation letters?

A: After foreign nationals complete the registration process for the China International Import Expo, they can sign in the official website and click Application for personnel certificates — Apply Invitation Letter. They can simply click on it to apply for invitation letters. Once their review passes can they download the invitation letters.

12. Is there any guide for overseas buyers’ registration?

Video Guide for the Registration of Overseas Buyers (Chinese Version)


Video Guide for the Registration of Overseas Buyers (English Version)

If you have any other questions, please contact the official customer service of the China International Import Expo.

Service Hotline: +86-21-968888.