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Beijing Zuoshang Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zuo Shang Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company serving governments at all levels, central enterprises, as well as all kinds of large conferences and activities. It is a senior contractor for the integration of design and construction. After integration and development, has formed a sound industrial chain structure; From resource integration to creative planning; From the exhibition design to the project implementation, Zuo Shang people constantly transcend themselves, presenting a classic project. The company based in Beijing to serve the world, in line with the rigorous learning attitude, to the society, a high degree of responsibility and sense of mission to the enterprise, laid a solid foundation, colleagues won the general praise of the industry, is now among the domestic most competitive display company forefront. Up to now, the company has served more than 120 world top 500 enterprises.                                                                     The company has the industry's leading design and production team of more than 100 people, is located in hebei bazhou modern production plant covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, won the Chinese exhibition association member unit, the member of the Chinese exhibition economy society enterprise, Beijing green decoration enterprise honorary title, and multiple national leading exhibition strategic cooperative service providers. And continue to serve the China International Import Expo, China International Trade in Services Fair, Hangzhou G20 Summit, China-ASEAN Expo, Western China International Expo, etc.                                                The company today's achievements and size are attributed to our adhering to the quality - connect you and me, responsibility is more important than all the core of the development view, Zuoshang will continue to standardization, the concept of branding, professional to provide customers with a full range of services, unswervingly carry forward faster, higher, stronger spirit of learning, innovation, enterprising, make greater contribution to society.