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Shanghai IS Exhibition Services Co,.Ltd

Shanghai IS (Identity Solutions) is a member company of the German Atelier Damböck Group exhibition group in China. 

It is also a member company of IFES, Shanghai Exhibition Association, and China Association of Exhibition Halls. It has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Certificate of Enterprise AAA Credit Grade, Professional Exhibition grade 2 certification. etc. At present, IS has 328 employees worldwide. Through the group network, IS can provide customers with services including displaying design and construction, commercial event planning and execution, and internal space design and construction in 57 countries or regions around the world.  During the epidemic period of 2020, IS will timely launch a variety of online display solutions such as "cloud display", "online live broadcast", and "broadcast-level virtual studio system". During the epidemic, we will assist customers in various forms of publicity, including 2020 CIIE. Many exhibition activities have been widely praised by customers.  "Creative as we are, and sincere as we are" IS has always been committed to providing customers with one-stop marketing solutions. At present, 85% of customers are foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures. As of May 2021, IS has become Huawei, Bosch, Voith, 3M, Siemens Medical and other 200 well-known companies are certified suppliers. In 2020 CIIE, Shanghai IS had provided online display or offline design, construction and operation services for 27 customers.