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GUANGDONG  MAKEI EXHIBITION SERVICE CO.,LTD. was founded in 2010,in a more professional,  more thoughtful, more rapid spirit, is committed to creating 360-degree  exhibition service platform .We undertake all kinds of international and  domestic exhibition home and special design production, exhibition halls,  franchised store design production ,activities and conference stage design  production.
  The domestic headquarters of MAKEI is located in Guangzhou, business,  design, customer service, projects and other technical departments a total of  more than 30 people, business capacity in 40 million/year. We have been  established the brothers cooperative relation in Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and  other places to set up factories. Through the group unified management, play  the overall resource advantages, of which Guangzhou processing and storage  base total area of nearly 10000 square.
  After years of experience in the precipitation of the exhibition, we and  many well-known enterprises such as UL, Ausnutria, YASHILY, Simon, Madad Pty  and so on to maintain good relations of cooperation. In 2017-2020, Makei and  Liling government successfully hosted the China (Liling) International  ceramic Industry Exposition and Liling Fireworks Fair.The entire exhibition  home and special installation work all by Makei plan, co-ordination,  build.
  Makei is willing to work with you to join hands and create  brilliance.