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Shanghai Vision Expo Culture Communication Co.Ltd

Since   Shanghai Vision Expo Culture Communication Co.Ltd ,inception, the company has   always been looking at the international field, relying on the global layout   of creative centers and offices, effectively meet the different needs of   customers in key cities around the world,the company concentrates on the   three major sectors of exhibition marketing, exhibition hall planning and   operation and creative activity planning with its superior resources. The   service fields involve professional fields, such as culture and sports,   social undertakings, etc. Through innovative hardware infrastructure and   abundant professional talents, In coordination with the company's unique   "5A standard" work system, the company can use the latest digital   technology and cutting-edge innovative ideas to be qualified for innovative   display scheme design, large-scale competition control, high-end project   planning and execution and other all-round, multi-channel brand display work,   the company is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers,China import   expo from Year 2018 to 2020, depending on the Vision to "zero   error" high standard requirements of the complete the BOSCH,   CANON,AVANCIS,TPV,Linde,SGS,SYSMEX, Sino-US, Elekta .etc business such as   international project booth to make a total of 8000 square meters and   rendering.